School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

Plenary Speakers

  • Professor Kenneth Grattan
    Professor Kenneth Grattan

    City University of London, London, UK
    Advanced Optical-fibre Sensor Systems Designed for Structural Condition Monitoring

  • Professor Benjamin Eggleton
    Professor Benjamin Eggleton

    University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
    Towards integrated photonic smart sensors for air-quality sensing and bio-medical applications

  • Professor Yun-Jiang Rao
    Professor Yun-Jiang Rao

    University of Electronic Science & Technology, China
    Recent Progress in Fiber-Optic Sensors for Industrial and Safety Applications

  • Professor Perry Shum
    Professor Perry Shum

    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Fiber-based Devices and Sensing Applications

About the Conference

Fibre-optic based sensors are intrinsically safe and when used in conjunction with monitoring systems can provide fast, accurate and real-time measurements.

OFSIS2017 conference will provide a unique interactive platform for the research and industrial communities to discuss the fibre-optic sensing technology, the site trials of fibre-optic sensors and new insights into advanced techniques for manufacturing the fibre-optic sensors.



  • Fibre-optic Sensing Technologies 
  • Distributed Sensing Systems 
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Safety in Industry:  Mining, Oil and Gas, Food, Defence , Nuclear Power 
  • Public Safety
  • Intelligent Safety Instruments 
  • Biomedical and Medicine

Keynote Speakers

More than 20 international experts from USA, UK, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, China, Italy, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany, Spain and Australia will present their invited keynote presentations on various areas of spectroscopy and fibre-optic sensing applications.

Industry Speakers

Representatives from Australian Coal Mining Industry and Health and Safety Research Centres will present their invited papers on the need for intrinsically safe, cost-effective, reliable and real-time monitoring of operations.

OEM Speakers

International manufacturers of fibre-optic sensors will present a review of their recent developments and fibre-optic sensing products.

Technical Papers

Technical papers will be published by IEEE Xplore.

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For further information, please contact:

Dr Saiied Aminossadati
Conference Chair

p: +61 7 33653676