School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering OHS mission statement:

To actively lead practical health and safety initiatives within the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering by showing commitment and passion towards a safe working environment with an aspiration towards zero harm.

Health & Safety Management System (HS - MS)

The UQ Engineering, Health and Safety Management System (HS - MS) is a key contributor to our overall corporate objective - that all operations should be carried out to the highest possible standard. Every possible consideration has been given to protecting our people, assets and infrastructure. This protection extends beyond our School, to the people, property and environment with which we come in contact.

The HS - MS provides a simple, methodical and auditable reference system. It centralises all information relevant to the assessment and control of risks and hazards associated with School operations. The system allows all major hazards to be identified, assessed and controlled, ensuring that no work is conducted without the correct control measures in place. Line management assigns responsibility at appropriate levels, to ensure that  hazards are identified, and that all controls are regularly audited and practiced.