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Professor John Simmons

Professor John Simmons

Professor John Simmons

Professor John Simmons

University life has always been as much about what happens outside your lectures, as what happens in them. This is why we have set up the John Simmons Mechanical and Mining Student Mobility Fund

With over 42 years’ continuing experience providing leadership and advice to UQ’s student engineers, Emeritus Professor John Simmons AM knows firsthand just how important extra-curricular activities are in this equation.

“With our mechanical and mining sectors operating in a highly competitive world, this is particularly so; industry engagement, practical work experiences and development of strong leadership skills, produce essential attributes in the innovative graduates needed to take us forward.”  (Prof. John Simmons)

Supported by the School’s alumni and friends, this Fund will be used to distribute small annual grants to help undergraduates get more from the extra-curricular activities that make university such a life-changing experience.

Whether it’s heading overseas on an internship, participating in the Mining Games, or launching a new student society – the Student Mobility Fund can have a huge impact on the lives of young people with drive and ideas in the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering.

If enriching our engineering graduates with a broad range of experiences is something you feel strongly about – please join me in making a philanthropic donation today.

Many thanks for your support of this great initiative.

Ross McAree,
Head, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

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Heather Muir at the World University Orienteering Championship

Heather Muir

Ms Heather Muir, a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student, was awarded support from the Fund in 2016 to assist her to attend the World University Orienteering Championships held in Miskolc, Hungary in August 2016. She was part of an Australian Team of five women and six men selected to represent Australian Universities. Heather noted that:

“Depending on the race format, competitors run from 3-14 km through forested terrain, individually navigating to a series of controls in the fastest time possible. Therefore, being a ‘thinking sport’, it was incredible – yet unsurprising – to be talking with competitors about their PhD topics and start-up concepts between races. This event hosted student-athletes from 38 different countries, and it was invaluable to hear about other’s sporting and university experiences from around the world.

It can be difficult when at university to find the time, or have the means, to continue playing the sports you love – whether it be at a competitive or social level. However, sports and other extra-curricular activities can offer such amazing and character building experiences, that it would be a great shame to forgo during your university years. For this reason I would like to express how much it means for my school to provide this Student Mobility Fund Grant, to encourage a breadth of pursuits which truly enrich the university experience, well beyond the course curriculum.”

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