School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

Materials Engineering is concerned with the selection, processing, development and performance of materials. Materials engineers apply their skills and knowledge to optimise the processing and to improve the properties of manufactured products.

The University of Queensland established the Department of Mining Engineering in 1950. At the same time, the University acquired an old silver-lead mine in Indooroopilly which became known as the University Experimental Mine. From these beginnings, the Department evolved into the Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering and later to the Department of Mining, Minerals and Materials Engineering in 1996.

These changes reflect the growth of undergraduate activities, firstly into the general area of metallurgy and more recently into the separate areas of chemical, minerals and materials engineering.

UQ Materials Engineering research has significantly contributed to advances in the production and design of the space shuttle and the jet aeroplane; the laptop computer and the iPod; artificial hips, contact lenses and the bionic ear; improved golf clubs and tennis rackets; and levitating trains.

Our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) provides students with options to study materials engineering in two different majors -