School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

Enrolled in a Master of Engineering Science? This page outlines how to enrol in a thesis course, and submit your thesis.

The information below is a guide only. Students must refer to the relevant Course Profile for further information.

Selection of a thesis topic

Before you can enrol in a project course you will need to find a research project and a supervisor. You can find a list of available projects online. Contact the supervisors listed on the website to discuss the possibility of working together on the avaliable project.

You may also find a project by approaching an academic directly. Read through each School's research areas and contact an academic who is working in an area of your interest to see if they have any projects available.

Enrolling in a thesis course

When you have confirmed your project topic and supervisor, please complete the Permission Form and submit this to the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering (Frank White Building 43, level 2 reception area) or via email to

Still having difficulties finding a supervisor in your field? Please contact one of the below academics for assistance:

Program / Area


Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Thesis format

Unless advised otherwise by your Supervisor or Thesis Coordinator, your thesis must be:

  • typed in 1.5 or double line spacing
  • printed on A4 paper
  • single of double-sided printing (double sided preferred)
  • 12pt font size for main text
  • page margins are to be: top 20mm, bottom 20mm, left side 30mm, right side 20mm (headers and footers are to be within these margins)

Discuss the structure of your thesis with your supervisor, and refer to the Student Services Assignment Writing page for assistance.

Please ensure that your title page contains all the details of your thesis -

  • Full title of your thesis
  • Student name and number
  • Course code
  • Supervisor name


Please see the Course Profile for further instructions on submission.

(Last updated: February 2017)