School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

Experimental flow measurement tools:
  1. Laser diagnostics (detailed 3D flow and temperature measurement and visualization):
    1. Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV),
    2. Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF),
    3. Laser Doppler Anemometer (LDA),
    4. Phase Doppler Particle Analyser (PDPA).
    5. Optical table with a range of mirrors, lens, beam splitters, filters
  2. Hot film/wire anemometer (3D)
  3. Thermal imaging (infrared camera)
  4. True triaxial cell
  5. Digital microscope for surface characterisation
  6. A range of load cells for drag calculation (with a 6 channel controller)
  7. Dust monitoring device (with built-in temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction sensors)
  8. High speed camera for structure integrity monitoring
  9. Solar reflectometer for measuring the reflectance of solar mirrors for mirror cleaning study.
  10. Highly accurate pressure probing facilities (down to 1 Pa)
  11. Free jet producer (up to 60 m/s) that can be used as a 3D CTA probe calibrator
  12. Various high quality instruments and logging equipment for collecting measurements in unique and challenging applications

Test rigs/loops (fully instrumented):
  1. Low speed wind tunnel in St Lucia (50 x 50 cm cross-section; suction fan)
  2. Gatton wind tunnel (10 m long 1 x 1 m cross-section expanding to a 2.7 x2.7 section allowing for tests at different scales; blower (75kW) plus a suction fan allowing for spray cooling, heat exchanger fouling and multi-phase flow analysis and visualization)
  3. Gatton natural draft cooling tower research station (20 m tall cooling tower with heat exchanger rated at 1MW allowing for draft, spray and wet media cooling tests)
  4. Gatton Ground Source Heat Pump (partly air-conditioning a library allowing for component testing/performance analysis running on 6 wells 100 m deep)
  5. High temperature (1600 C) split tube furnace with built-in cooling flow control unit (capable of generating high thermal gradients in components to simulate operational loads)
  6. Renewable Power Generation Lab at Pinjarra Hills (a high pressure, 20 MPa, loop allowing for testing turbines, compressors and heat exchangers for power industry)
  7. Mobile power plant at Pinjarra Hills lab allowing for 75 kWe power generation (an ORC system with built-in air-cooled units)

Software Packages
  1. ANSYS (industry leading commercial software package capable of simulating fluid, thermal, chemical and structural mechanics for both simple and complex problems)
  2. ASPEN (powerful multi-purpose engineering package for power and process plant design)
  3. Eilmer (in-house CFD package developed over the past 20 years)
  4. TOPGEN (in-house turbine design package)
  5. NDDCT (in-house cooling tower/ACC design package)
  6. Solid Edge & Autodesk Inventor (industry standard CAD software)
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