School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

Additional engagement with the industry and other stakeholders is achieved through the meetings organised by the centre, invitations and conferences.

Past projects with industry are:
  • Birdsville Geothermal Power Plant Expansion (Ergon Energy)
  • Next-generation Power Cycles and Equipment R&D for Low-Temperature Resources (Verdicorp)
  • Feasibility study on converting Collinsville Coal-Fired Power Station to a Renewable Power Generator (RATCH Australia with ARENA funding)
  • Developing proposals for assessing the suitability of Galilee Basin, Queensland, for a geothermal power plant  using the CO2 geothermal siphon concept (GHD)
  • Feasibility study and assessment the geothermal potential for Winton, Queensland (Local Government Infrastructure Services)
  • Air-cooled heat exchanger analysis and modelling for Daandine and Tipton (Arrow Energy and UQ Centre for Coal Seam Gas)
  • Development of a remote area power plant (Ergon Energy)
  • SCO2 Waste heat recovery (Gane Energy)
  • Advice regarding in-field compression (iPipe)
  • Application of natural draft dry cooling towers in CSG production (QGC)
  • Water model test rig (Tenova)
  • Design construction and maintenance of a test rig (XSTRTATA Technology)
  • Thermal monitoring (Valen Light)
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