School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

Centre Director

Name Title Email Phone Office
Kamel Hooman Associate Professor +61 7 3365 3677 45-216

Academic Staff

Name Title/Position Email Phone Office
Hal Gurgenci Professor +61 7 3365 3607 45-501
Ingo Jahn Snr/Lecturer +61 7 3346 8733 45-319
Michael Kearney Lecturer +61 7 3365 4673 45-517
Anand Veeraragavan Senior Lecturer +61 7 336 54069 45-321
Alexander Klimenko Reader +61 7 336 53670 45-320

Research Staff

Name Title/Position Email Phone Office
Iman Ashtiani Adbi Research Officer +61 7 3366 7508 45-504:13
Ampon Chumpia Research Officer +61 7 3365 4382 Off Campus
Hugh Russell Research Officer +61 7 3365 3685 Off Campus
Zhiqiang Guan Senior Research Fellow +61 7 3365 2819 45-503:01
Juan Llobet Research Fellow +61 7 3365 4067 45-504:27
Yuanshen Lu Casual Research Officer n/a 45-407

Emeritus Profs, Honorary and Adjunct Staff

Name Title/Position Email Location
Aleks Atrens Honorary Research Fellow Off Campus
Tonguς Uysal Honorary Research Fellow Off Campus
Prashant S Parulekar Honorary Research Fellow n/a Off Campus
Steohen Gwynn-Jones Honorary Research Fellow n/a Off Campus

Postgraduate Research Graduates

Name Program Project Title Award Date Principle Advisor Current Position
Dr Hosein Sadafi PhD Simulating dry cooling system for geothermal power plants Aug 29, 2016 Kamel Hooman Assisting RECCE research group
Dr Ampon Chumpia PhD Improving the performance of air-cooled condensers by using metal foams June 22, 2016 Kamel Hooman Assisting RECCE research group
Dr Iman Ashtiani Abdi PhD Wake visualisation behind a rough cylinder in cross-flow June 20, 2016 Kamel Hooman Assisting RECCE research group
Stephen Gwynn-Jones MPhil Design of Internally Air Cooled Pipes to Prevent Thermal Bending June 20, 2016 Kamel Hooman & Hugo Joubert Industry Fellow, Tenova Australia Pty Ltd
Dr Braden Twomey PhD Dynamic Modelling of an Organic Rankine Cycle and Simulation of the QGECE- Verdicorp ORC Test Plant Feb 26, 2016 Hal Gurgenci Postdoctoral Research Fellow, RECCE
Dr Abdullah M S Alkhedhair PhD Heat exchanger optimisation for geothermal power plants Nov 20, 2015 Hal Gurgenci Assistant Professor, King Abdlaziz
Dr Ezgi Unal PhD U-series dating of carbonates along tectonically active zones of Turkey in a relationship between CO2 degassing, volcanic/paleo-seismic, and climatic events Nov 6, 2015 James Shulmeister & Jian-xin Xin Zhao Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Hacettepe University
Dr Suoying He PhD Wetted-medium evaporative pre-cooling for natural draft dry cooling tower performance enhancement Apr 24, 2015 Hal Gurgenci Shandong University
Dr Jason Czapla PhD Investigation of Supersonic Impulse Turbines for Application to Geothermal Binary Power Stations Feb 13, 2015 Peter Jacobs Santos
Dr Yuanshen Lu PhD The development of small-size natural draft dry cooling tower for geothermal power plans Jan 30, 2015 Zhiqiang Guan Assisting RECCE research group
Victoria Marshall MPhil Petrological, geochemical and geochronological characterisation of heat- producing granites in Queensland Dec 10, 2014 Kurt Knesel n/a
Dr Alexander Middleton PhD Geochemistry and geochronology of fluid flow events in high heat-producing granitic systems Oct 23, 2014 Suzanne Golding & Dr Tonguc Uysal Geological Survey of Finland
Dr Mehryar Sakhaei PhD Inclined Arrangement for Heat Exchanger Bundles Sep 19, 2014 Kamel Hooman Lecturer, Military Techno-logical College Muscat, Oman
Dr Pourya Forooghi PhD Heat transfer of fluids with highly variable properties in plate type heat exchangers Sep 19, 2014 Kamel Hooman Post-Doctoral Fellow at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Germany
Dr Kazi Nazmul Hasan PhD Investigation of cost benefit and regulatory issues of large scale renewable power integration to a remote transmission grid Mar 17, 2014 Tapan Saha The University of Manchester
Dr Rajinesh Singh PhD Dynamics and Control of a Closed Carbon-Dioxide Brayton Cycle Oct 25, 2013 Peter Jacobs Project Engineer, Vipac Engineers and Scientists
Dr Huong Mai Nguyen PhD Power System Stability for Long Distance Connection of Renewable Energy Resources Utilizing Hybrid Multi-terminal HVDC Jun 21, 2013 Tapan Saha Electric Power University, Vietnam
Dr Carlos Andre de Miranda Ventura PhD Aerodynamic design and performance estimation of radial inflow turbines for renewable power generation applications Jun 7, 2013 Peter Jacobs Cambridge
Hugh Russell MPhil Groundwater Condenser Cooling for Geothermal Power Plants in Central Australia Jul 4, 2013 Hal Gurgenci RECCE Research Officer
Prashant S Parulekar MPhil Gas Turbine Control in Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Plants Mar 31,2012 Hal Gurgenci Mechanical Engineering Manager at Arrow Energy
Dr Aleks Atrens PhD Carbon-Dioxide-Based Engineered Geothermal Systems Aug 15, 2011 Hal Gurgenci Medical student, UQ and part-time staff member RECCE