School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

2020 - Energy Futures Seminar Series

Time: Tuesdays 12-1pm
Venue: 45-205 (Mansergh Shaw Building)
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Date Presenter Topic

10 March 2020

Host: Prof Stephen Wilson

Discussion: "Is a bigger picture starting to emerge from our research jugsaw puzzle pieces?"

17 March 2020

Nicole Lashmar

Demand Response in the NEM - challenges and opportunities for engaging consumers and facilitating demand response programs

24 March 2020

Hugh Russel

A turbine for Oz

12 May 2020

Kelly Smith

Can the human factors toolkit unlock energy efficiency potential in industry?

26 May 2020

Host: Prof Stephen Wilson

Discussion: Technology Energy Roadmap

2 June 2020 Viv Bone

Flexible thermal generation for the electricity grid of the future

13 August 2020 Jonathan Smith (Vena Energy) Renewable energy development in Australia
27 August 2020 Andrew Dicks TBC


2019 - Energy Futures Seminar Series

Time: Tuesdays 1-2pm
Venue: 49-502 (Advanced Engineering Building)
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Date Presenter Topic
23 Jul 2019 Prof Stephen Wilson

21st century energy and electricity systems: where are we and where are we heading?

30 Jul 2019 Prof Hal Gurgenci

UQ mission towards 24/7 solar power as part of the Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute (ASTRI)

6 August 2019 (No seminar)  
13 August 2019 Gabriel Rioseco

Electricity Modelling in CGE models under high variable renewable energy scenario

20 August 2019 Andrew Lock Opportunities for reduced water use with Brayton power cycles
27 August 2019 Nesa Sri

What is the feasibility of variable renewable energy projects with current system constraints [in the NEM]?

3 September (No seminar)  
10 September

Viv Bone  & 

Phill Swan 

Predictive control (MPC) for heat engines, with application to the sCO2 cycle

Taylor-Couette-Poiseuille flow heat transfer in a High Taylor number Test Rig

17 September Sangkyoung Lee

Development of a Supercritical CO2 Radial Inflow Turbine for Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (PhD Confirmation)

24 September Yuchen Dai Swirl enhanced natural draft dry cooling towers for CSP power plants
1 October (No seminar)  
8 October Prof Stephen Wilson

National security, energy security and a framework for decarbonising Australia’s power system

15 October

Dr Sang Hyun Park

(Visiting researcher - KIER)

Thermoelectric devices and their applications

22 October Dr Ruth Knibbe Grid connected batteries


2018 - Renewable Energy Conversion Centre of Excellence


Date Presenter Topic
27 Feb 2018 Christo Nel

Experimental investigation on spray cooling using saline water for natural draft dry cooling towers

6 March 2018 Jianyong Wang

Computational study on heat transfer of turbulent sCO2 in large tubes using RANS modelling

13 March 2018 Fadhilah Shikh Anuar

Thermohydraulic properties of metal foam

20 March 2018 Janry Qi

Non-ideal compressible fluid dynamics Riemann solver for OpenFOAM

3 April 2018 Dr Christos Markides High-performance distributed solar and low-grade heat conversion technologies: Challenges and opportunities
24 April 2018 Andrew Lock

My background and research focus at UQ

1 May 2018 Joshua Keep An investigation into the loss mechanisms of small scale, low specific speed, supercritical CO2 radial inflow turbines
8 May 2018 Sam Duniam

Off-design modelling of the sCO2 Brayton cycle for load matching operation

15 May 2018 Kamel Hooman

Geo-solar thermal power plants for regional Australia

24 July 2018 Hugh Russell

7 kW R245fa Turbine – Part 1: Design, Manufacture and Commissioning

7 August 2018 Hugh Russell

7 kW R245fa Turbine – Part 2: Testing and Conclusions


2017 - Queensland Geothermal Centre of Excellence

Date Presenter Topic
14 Feb 2017 Farhan Raza "Dust monitoring and cleaning for CSP plants"
28 Feb 2017 Sam Duniam "Dynamic modelling of a CSP plant"
7 Mar 2017 Christo Nel "Spray nozzles for cooling towers"
14 Mar 2017 Phillip Swann "Experiementation with SCO2 Heat Transfer under Taylor-Couette-Poiseuille Flow"
21 Mar 2017 David Stevens "Our mobile plant capabilities and commissioning"
4 April 2017 Prof. Kewen Li (Stanford University) "Thermoelectric Power Generation: Theory and Applications"
11 April 2017 Dr Fatemeh Salehi (Sydney University) "Numerical modelling to advance efficient and clean energy technologies"
9 May 2017 Xiaoxiao Li "Gatton tower performance update"
16 May 2017 A/Prof Kamel Hooman "Simplifying difficult problems: a case study"
23 May 2017 Adras Nagy and Will Gadsby "UQ-iPipe project for Coal Seam Gas industry"
22 August 2017 Stephen Gwynn-Jones "Experiences developing technology for the smelting industry"
29 August 2017 Yubiao Sun "Numberical simulation of pressure-swirl atomizer used for spray assisted dry cooling towers"
5 September 2017 Jianyong Wang "Computational Investigations on Heat Transfer of sCO2 within Horizontal Tubes using RANS Models"
12 September 2017

Mohsen Modirshanehchi

“Radial inflow turbines for renewable power generation”

19 September 2017 Viv Bone

"Steady-State Heat Exchanger Modelling using Optimisation Techniques"

3 October 2017 Xurong Wang "Performance enhancement of the sCO2 cycle using a bottoming cycle"
10 October 2017 Ingo Jahn "Update on Cycle Modelling"
24 October 2017 Kamel Hooman "Transient behavior of cooling towers"
31 October 2017 Peixin Dong "1-D transient model of the start-up process for Gatton NDDCT"
7 November 2017 Luuk Meijboom "Supercritical CO2 turbine design methodology"