School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering


This page outlines the procedures for BE or BE/ME students submitting their final year thesis in the following disciplines:

  • Mechanical
  • Mechanical & Materials
  • Mechanical & Aerospace
  • Mining Engineering
  • Mining & Geotechnical Engineering


Unless advised otherwise by your Supervisor or Thesis Co-ordinator, your thesis must be typed in one and a half or double line spacing on A4 paper either single or double-sided with double-sided preferred, using a font size of 12 points for the main text. Margins are to be: top 20mm, bottom 20mm, left hand side 30mm, and right hand side 20mm (headers and footers are to be within these margins).


Front Matter

Your thesis front matter must include: 

  1. Front Page/Title Page - Students should complete the details required (title, author etc) on the Title Page before printing it. The following files can be used to generate the title page using LaTeX:
  1.  A Submission Letter that is completed and signed (a physical signature is required, do not type your name).
Course Submission Letter
BE & BE(Hons)
MECH4500, MECH4501, MINE4123 & ENGG4011
3+1+X Study Abroad
ENGG4281 & ENGG4282
Master of Eng. Science
ENGG7281, ENGG7282, ENGG7241, ENGG7242 & ENGG7240

Master of Engineering
ENGG7281 & ENGG7282


Thesis Submission

Refer to the Course Profile for submission instructions.


(Last updated: August 2017)