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Research into Advanced Forming Mechanics at UQ is specialised on providing fundamental and practical insight and control of highly nonlinear plastic deformation processes to produce many everyday products from sheet metal.

The group has dedicated experience with theoretical Finite Element modelling and control of Advanced Forming processes including unique experience with important tribological effects.

AMPAM facilities boasts one of the few state-of-the-art ISF machines that allows mold based forming for greater control and quality, Millipede prototype machines, an experimental roll former, two disk rolling contact tribological testrig and laser measurement technology.

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Associate Professor Paul Meehan
Dr Bill Daniel
Associate Professor Matt Dargusch
Dr Gui Wang
Dr Sheng Liu


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Contact Details

Please direct all enquiries to A/Prof Paul Meehan.

Current Research

Advanced Forming Mechanics – highly nonlinear plastic deformation processes to produce many everyday products from sheet metal. Recent applications include Cold Roll Forming, Incremental Press Forming and Millipede forming (coinventor). Millipede forming is a new continuous press forming process that combines the speed and efficiency of roll forming shaped product from continuous flat sheet with the continuous control and precision of an array of specially synchronized oscillatory dies. Much further research to develop the optimal tooling transitional surface is yet to be performed as supported by the recently developed Millipede Company business structure ($2M) to commercialise the technology (agreement signed 1/2010). New areas of research include Incremental Sheet Forming of which a seed project has already begun with Boeing (for aircraft panels) and state-of-the-art machine donated by QMI to support research. 

Research Facilities

Incremental sheet forming machine

Incremental sheet forming (ISF), as a promising technology, has demonstrated its high potential to shape complex three-dimensional parts without using specific tooling. AMINO® DLNC-PC incremental forming machine is used in many of our projects. The machine is a 3-axis CNC machine with a maximum workspace of 2100×1450×500 mm3 and can exert maximum forces of 3.0 kN in vertical axis and 1.5 kN in X and Y axis. The maximum feed rate in the X and Y axis is 6000 mm/min and 1000 mm/min in the Z axis.

VIVID 9i 3D Laser Scanner

The VIVID 9i uses a new hardware design and an improved measurement algorithm to provide 4x the measurement accuracy than that of our previous models (to 50µm), enabling 3D measurement of automobile parts and other objects formed by casting, pressing, molding, etc. The VIVID 9i can be used for reverse engineering to reflect the shape and dimension data of mock-ups or prototypes in design drawings, or for checking part shape, checking molds, inspecting quality, etc. in prototype-production or mass-production processes.