School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

Engineering was one of the founding Faculties when The University of Queensland was established in 1910. The first Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Thesis, entitled "The Manufacture of Screw Dies", was submitted by Mr. Chas E. Lewis in March 1916. Mechanical Engineering has grown from there to become a major teaching and research activity at The University.

The University of Queensland formally established the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1949, with Emeritus Professor Mansergh Shaw appointed as the Foundation Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Emeritus Professor Ray Stalker was Australia's first professor of space engineering and was Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the 1980s. He began experimenting with scramjets in 1980 and commissioned the T4 Stalker Tube at UQ in 1988. His research lead to the formation of UQ's Centre for Hypersonics, one of the world's largest Space Engineering groups based at a university.

The main research strengths in Mechanical Engineering at UQ are hypersonic aerothermodynamics, geothermal energy, smart machines and combustion but the research activities span across most of the major areas of Mechanical Engineering.

Our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) provides students with options to study mechanical engineering in four different majors:

Our postgraduate programs are tailored to the demanding needs of industry.