School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

Theses from Semester 2, 2016 onwards are available via a UQ Library search using the below course codes:  

  • MECH4500 or MECH4501 - Undergraduate (Mechanical and Materials Engineering) theses
  • MINE4123 - Undergraduate (Mining Engineering) theses
  • ENGG7281, ENGG7282, ENGG7241 or ENGG7242 - Postgraduate theses
  • ENGG7280 or ENGG7290 - Bachelor of Engineering/Master of Engineering theses

Past Mechanical and Mining Engineering undergraduate theses from 2001 - 2016 (Semester 1 only).  All student work is copyright to the author.  For access, please contact  


2016 (Semester 1 only)


AL AJMI, Hussain

Hurricanes vs galaxies (the same shape?)

AL HINAI, Haitham Farid Ali

Electric Cars Evolution: Will it Happen or Not?


Design of a Loss in Weight Extruder Feeder System


Predicting Pushable and Optimal Blade Volumes for Bulldozing - confidential thesis for a period of 2 years

BLACK, Dylan

Development of a new practical class for METR4201 Introduction to Control Systems

BLANCH, Jethro

Influence of pH on the Hydrogen Embrittlement of Martensitic Steels in 3.5wt.% NaCl Solution

CHEN, Yuanfeng

Remaining Life Prediction of Polyethylene Pipes in Service


Investigating the Failure Rate of Overland Conveyor Idlers via Computational Modelling and Condition Monitoring


Feasibility Study for Composite Turbocharger Compressor Stage

GARBETT, William

Quantification of Noise Impacts for Mine Approval


Analysis of Shaft Rotordynamics and Associated Bearing Designs for a Radial Inflow Turbine

HATCH, Daniel

2.5D Finite Volume Flow Solver

HO, Ming Sum

Utilising Cracked Round Bar (CRB) Fatigue Test and Oxidative Induction Time Test to Develop Baselines for CRB Samples with Different Thermal Aging History - in Order to Aid the Determination of the Lifetime of PE Pipe

JEUDE, Bryce

Development of Squat Cracks in Railways

JUEL, Kristian

Development of an Interactive Framework for New Product Development

KIM, Min Kyong

Environmental Degradation of Aerospace Composites in Contact with Aluminium and Titanium

LEE, Juliette

Investigation of Entrance Types: Installing Door Portals at the Domestic Terminal Building - confidential thesis for an indefinite period

MUIR, Heather

An Unstructured Mesh Generation Code for Eilmer4

MURPHY, Ciaran

Fire Whirl Simulations: Stationary and Rotational Reference Frames


Nonlinear Model Predictive Control With & Without Obstacle Avoidance for a Simple Robotic Manipulator

RADWAN, Abdulkarim

Analysis of Exergy of Liquefied Natural Gas


Comparison of Turbulence Methods within Nonpremixed Turbulent Hydrogen Combustion


Conjugate Heat Transfer modelling of supercritical CO2 in a parallel channel using Eilmer3

WHYBORN, Lachlan

Application of Boundary Conditions and Divergence Cleaning to the MHD Equations

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ABDEL-MAGIED, Yasseen In Situ Measurement of Metallic Diaphragm Rupture in a Shock Tunnel
ABDULLAH, Zulhilmi Ikhwan Effects of Phosphorus and Nickel on Solidification Microstructure of Lead-Free Solder Alloy
ACKERMANN, Maxwell Development of a Long Fibre Bio Composite Extrusion Die
ALDRIDGE, Kevin Formulation and Evaluation of a State-Mapping Iterative Learning Control Algorithm
ATHOUSIS, Nicholas The Feasibility and Design of a Waste-to-Energy Plant for Southeast Queensland
AYU, Patrisia Grace Nutia Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance in Uniform BiSeTe Ternary System
BARNARD, Michael A Surface Intersection Method Applied to Integrated Hypersonic Vehicle/Engine Design
BASFORD, Nathan Biocomposite Automotive Panel Proof of Concept
BLANCO, Damian Probabilistic Design and Backing out of Lamina Properties for Biocomposites
BROUGH, Andrew Intercooler Design and Optimisation
BRYCE, Holly Finite Element Based Structural Optimization Techniques
BURGESS, James CFD Study of a Fast Opening Valve as a Film Diaphragm Replacement for Expansion tubes
BUSCH, Sally Microplasma Welding of Aircraft Engine Components - confidential for an idefinite period
CAUDURO MANRIQUEZ, Eduardo Fabrication and Characterisation of Te-Doped Cu2se Thermoelectric Materials
CHAI, Joseph Mass Estimation and Thermal Analysis of the SPARTAN 1 Hypersonic Vehicle
CHAI, Priscilla Design Verification of a Supercritical Radial Turbine
CHAN, Michael The Investigation of Selected Process Parameters on Synthesising Calcium-Phosphate Coatings for Controlling Magnesium Corrosion in Simulated Body Fluids
CHEN, Tangtai Role of Peptides on the Formation of Natural Calcium Carbonate
CH'NG, Yuan Shen Analytical Determination of Shock Shapes on Slender Hypersonic Vehicles
CHONG, Kai Zhi Processing of Thermoplastic Composites and Material Characterisation
CLOUD, Wally Filament Winding Machine: Design and Construction
DAMM, Kyle Using GPUs to Reduce the Wall-Clock Times of Reacting Flow Simulations
DARAMOLA, James Impact of Low Oil Prices on Energy Industries and Technologies
DASH, Michael 4½ Axis CNC Router for Cutting Foam Models
DAVIES, Lachlan Simulation of Radiating Hypersonic Flow
DIAO, Hongbo The Cost of Renewable Heat
DIQUE, Tristan Replacing CAD: An Investigation into the Suitability of Using Animation Software to Prepare Surface Models for CFD Analysis
DRAHEIM, Zachary The use of Pineapple Plantation Waste as Reinforcement in Thermoplastic Composites
DUNNING, Nathan Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of the Combustion of Dimethyl Ether in a Diesel Engine
ELLIOTT, Sam Using Geothermal Heat Pumps for Air Conditioning in Brisbane
FAIRBAIRN, Saxon Study of a High Temperature Pressure Swing Adsorption Method for CO2 Capture from Flue Gas
FARMER, Nicholas Design, Manufacture and Testing of Composite Wheels for an FSAE Car
FLYNN, Darcy The Process-Property Interaction in Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Ceramic Components
FORDSON, Fordson Kinetic Friction and Shear Stress of Tungsten Nanowires
FORMBY, Corey Polar Vortices on Saturn
GILMORE, Jack Design for Manufacture of a Thin Film Extrusion Die for Thermoplastic Starch
GILMOUR, Michael Unstructured-Grid Compressible Flow Solver
GOSSNER, Benjamin The Effect of Aluminium Substrate Alloy Composition on the In-Situ Formation of Aluminium Nitride
GRANSTROM, Erik Markus Development of a Tool for the Design of Hybrid Fibre Metal Laminates with Target Mechanical Properties
GRIEGER, Johnathan Provide a Template for Industry Integration into 1st Year Engineering Through the Collaborative Development of a Design-Test-Build Project -confidential for an indefinite period
GUPTA, Vinayak Evaluation of Material Flammability:  Spacecraft Fire Experiment (SAFFIRE)
HAIRUDDIN, Muhammad Arif Galvanostatic Corrosion of High Purity Magnesium in a Phosphate Buffer Solution
HARRIS, Timothy Investigation into Strengthening Techniques for Load Bearing Components Manufactured using FDM & Extrusion Based Additive Manufacturing Methods -confidential for an indefinite period
HEATON, Anthony Inverse Simulation of a Hypersonic Flight Vehicle
HELLIWELL, Christopher Engine Optimisation for an Open-Wheeled Race Car
HEUSTON, James Medium-Speed Data Acquisition
HO, Jonathan Bing Hang Simulation of Dense Gas Flows in Computational Fluid Dynamics
HOOK, Judah Redeveloped and Extended Methodology for the Comprehensive Evaluation of Automation Technology in the Mining Industry
HOWARD, Jacob Hypersonic Waveriders for Antipodal Freight Delivery
HUGHES, Momar Development of Method-of-Characteristics Flow-Path Design Code
HYUN, Woo Min Surface Modelling to Aid the Rapid Design of Threedimensional Hypersonic Inlet
IRVINE, Douglas Numerical Investigation of Cone Pressure Probe in Hypersonic Flow
ISDALE, James Using Geothermal Heat Pumps for Air Conditioning in Brisbane
JACKSON, Jesse Impact Damage Detection in Composite Laminate Beams and Plates using Nonlinear Vibration Techniques
JACKSON, Robert Design of Forebodies on Scramjet Powered Vehicles
JANSEN, Joshua Measurement and Simulation of Impact Behaviour of Fibre-Reinforced Composite Laminate Shell Structure - confidential for a period of 5 years
JANSSEN, Alexander Microcombustion of Alternative Fuels in a Parallel Channel
JEFFERY, Michaela Maureen Testing The Hot Leading Edge of a Hypersonic Glider
JOHNSON, Craig Strain Field Visualisation Experiments for Mechanics of Materials Courses
JOHNSTON, Thomas Graphene-Based Solar Cells
KAMITSIS, Alexandros The CFD Simulation of Fire Whirls
KASHERMAN, James Numerical Simulation of the Effects of Groundwater Flow on the Performance of Vertical Closed-Loop Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems
KELLY, Jessica Techno-Economic Modelling of Renewable Hybrid PV/CST Power Plants with SCO2 Powerblock for Off-Grid Power Generation at UQ Gatton Campus
KIM, Ji Won Design of Next-Generation Endovascular Stents
KRISNA, Radhitya Fuel Additives for Improving Lubricity and Other Properties
LI, Jun Modelling Extended Surfaces for Heat Exchangers
LILEY, Thomas Printing a House using Parallel Kinematic Principles: A Feasibility Study
LIM, Soon Chung Development of High Performance Nanostructured (Bi, Sb)2Te3 Nanomaterials by Microwave-assisted Methods
LITTLER, James Effect of Mill Operating Parameter on Absolute and Relative Performance of Low-Alloy Steel and High-Cr White Cast Iron Grinding Balls – Abrasive Wear
LOGAN, Brian Commissioning of Thermoset Filament Winding Machine
LUND, Stuart Investigation of Wind Funnel Design to Enhance Natural Draft Cooling Tower Performance in Crosswinds
MACKAY-SIM, Callum Improving the Functionality Upper Limb Prosthetics
MACLEOD, Paul Variable Bass Reflex Enclosure
MARTENS, Angus Hydraulic Design of Centrifugal Ventricular Assist Devices
MASLEN, Paul Providing Base-Load Electricity from Wind and Solar Generation
MAURO-TODD, Lorenzo Toughness Testing of Kenaf Fibre Composites
MAY, Mattison Thermodynamic Approach to Selection of Magnesium Alloys
MCBRYDE, Lachlan Development of an Anti- Shallow Water Blackout Rescue Device
MCGILL, Michael OpenFOAM Analysis of Storage Integrated Thermophotovoltaics
MECKLEM, Sarah An Automated System for Detecting Asteroid Impacts on Jupiter
MILNS, Samuel Simulation of Porous Fuel Injection in Scramjet Inlets
MINNIECON, Joshua The Power in Powering a Community
MITCHELL, Travis Computational Modelling of Fines Liberation & Transport in Coal Seams
MOFFETT,Maria A Feasibility Study and Pilot Design of a Microhydro Power System as a Decentralised Energy Source for Rural Australian Communities
MOHD DIN, Mohd Nasrul Hilmi Literature Review: Comparing Measurement of the Corrosion Rate of Mg Alloys using Various Measurement techniques
MURPHY, Sean Polymer, Carbon & Ceramic Nano-Trusses for Bone Regeneration Therapy
NADARAJAN, Prabhu Hydrothermal Processes for the Treatment of Hydrocarbon Fuels
NANTES, Dominic 3D Printing a House using Parallel Kinematic Principles
NICOL, Luke Integrated Power and Chemical Production from Liquid Phase Thorium Reactors
NURHAZLI, Nur Azmira Elena Particle Swarm Optimization for Optimal Transducer Placement in Ultrasonic SHM Systems
O'CONNELL, Aaron Microcombustion of Methane in a Parallel Channel:  Flame Stability Analysis
O'DWYER, Mitchell New ŒThermomechanical Hinge for Composite Origami Structures
OTTE, Stephanie Effect of Individual Comprehension on Peer Learning in ENGG1200
PALMIERI, Christopher Modeling the Formation of Calcium Oxalate Renal Calculi Using ANSYS Fluent Computational Fluid Dynamics Software
PAREKH, Viha X3 Expansion Tube Driver Gas Spectroscopy and Temperature Measurements
PEARCE, Troy Supercritical Fluid Flow
PHAN, Hoa Engineering Decision Making:  Under Risk and Uncertainty
PIDGEON, John Development of Short Term Intra Hour Concentrated Solar Energy Forecasting Capacity through DNI Measurement and Cloud Tracking
PORTER, Daniel Spatial Consideration of Neurons in Izhikevich Based Basal Ganglia Model
PRYDE, Paige Mack Super-Liner Spare Wheel Carrier Design
REDDELL, Thomas Quasi Steady Analysis of a Modular Storage Integrated Solar Thermophotovoltaic System
REES, Benjamin Heat Transfer Measurements of Re-entry Heat Shields
ROMAN, Peter Three-Dimensional Turbine Geometry Generation for CFD Analysis
RUTHERFORD, John Hot Wall Scramjet Inlets and Isolators
SAMARSKI, Maxim Investigation into the Feasibility of Viktor Schauberger’s Vortex Engine
SANCHEZ, Christopher High Performance Nanostructured (Bi2-xSbx)Te3 Thermoelectric Materials
SHI, Haokai Modelling of Interfacial Delamination of Thin Film/Substrate Bilayer Systems
SKED, Oliver Grinding Performance and Surface Integrity of Multi-Layered Thin Film Solar Panels
SNEYD, Daniel Analysis of SpaceX Reusable Booster
SNEYD, Joshua Design and Development of a Virtual Induction Centre
SOLLART, Matthew A Newly Proposed Technique for Measuring Internal Surface Temperatures in Short Duration Impulse Facilities
SREEKISSOON, Sherbina Affecting the Performance of a Landfill Extraction Site
STEWART, Robert Design of an Aluminium Monocoque Chassis for a Formula SAE Vehicle
STRICKLAND, Jack Optimisation and Commercialisation of a Speargun Design
SUGDEN, Thomas Optimisation of a Formula SAE Brake System
SWANN, Phillip Particle Systems for Analysing 3D Shapes in Magnetic Resonance Images
SWINN, Benjamin Experimental Development of a Front Wing for UQR
TAN, Pui Yee Materials for Tether Satellites and Space Elevators
TAN, Sze Tien Making Paper Airplane
TEDMAN-JONES, Samuel Modification of Mg-Al-La-Alloys
TEH , Daryl Siang Wern Aerodynamic Database for Fly-Back Rocket Booster
THOMAS, Kelli Finite Element Modelling of Short Fibre Biocomposites in the Context of a Probabilistic Design Approach
THOMSON, Max Optimisation of the Drilling Waste Management Process in QLD CSG Wells
THOMSON, Michael Galvanostatic Corosion of High Purity Magnesium in a Borate Buffer Solution
TIAN, Luke SPARTAN1: Scramjet Vehicle Scaled for Deploying a 5kg Satellite in Low Earth Orbit
TRUSKINGER, Victoria Dynamic Modelling of Mammalian Cochlear Amplification Processes
TURNER, Joshua The use of Pineapple Leaf Fibers as Reinforcement for Thermoplastics
VAN DYCK, Daniel Jacob Sizing a Solar Thermal Power Station to Provide a Continuous Supply of Electricity
VAN KOERSVELD, Jason Exploring the Application of Pultruded Kenaf Fibre Polypropylene in Stud Frame Construction
WAN MOHD HASNAN, Wan Mohamad Amir Hafiz Investigating the Metal/Composite Interface Strength in Hybrid Titanium Composite Laminates (HTCLs)
WANG, Hui Ler Using Metal foams for Thermal Management of LEDs
WANG, Lijun Fast Tracking Modelling Skills in First Year Engineering Design
WANG, Xuan Penetration and Entrainment Properties of Alternative Scramjet Fuels
WANG, Xiaoqian The Feasibility of Thermoelectric Applications
WATT, Simon Tribological Performance of Water Based Titanium Oxide Nano-Additive Lubricant
WHITE, Claire Container Polymer Recycling Plant for Developing Nations: a Feasibility Study
WILDE, Sean Automated Process for Grid Generation of Radial Inflow Turbine Geometry
WILLIAMS, Andrew Simulation of Pitching Aerofoil in Hypersonic Flow
WONG, Helios A Fast Equilibrium Chemistry Method for use in a Hypersonic Flow Solver
WOOD, Jessica Container Polymer Recycling Factory for Developing Nations: A Feasibility Study
YANG, Lianmin Synthesis And Characterization of SbxBi2-xTe3 Thermoelectric Nanostructures
YAO, Zisui Pressure Versus Force Signal Separation - confidential for a period of 5 years
YAP, Yiing Wen Adrian Optimisation of CSG Wells Dewatering - A Control Systems and Mechanical Approach
YAP, Yiing Hann Andrew Microstructure Control of SN Based Alloys for PB-Free Solder Applications
ZIEBARTH, Katrina A Feasibility Study for Conversion of Sugar Cane Bagasse into Pellets for Cogeneration

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AB RASHID, Zuraini Machining Near Alpha Titanium Alloys – Understanding the Tool Wear and Chip Formation of BTi-6431S under Laser Assisted Milling
ABDUL HARIS, Mohd Hanis Farhan Energy Market: Technological Changes and their Implications
ABU BAKAR, Ash Siddiq Finite Element Analysis of Temperature Distribution During Laser Heating of Ti-6Cr-5Mo-5V-4Al Beta Titanium Alloy
ALIM, Ivan Shock Tube Test Time in Laminar and Turbulent-Wall Boundary Layer
ALLY, Tariq Investigating Lignin Specifity of KMn04 Staining for Natural Fibre Surface Characterisation
ARTHUR, Tim Geodynamics Habanero Pilot Plant Analysis- confidential for an indefinite period
BARRETT, Samuel Mechanical Properties of FFF-ABS Material
BERI, Justin Development of a Solid Solver for Tightly Coupled Conjugate Heat Transfer
BESSELL, Mitchell FSAE Dynamic Points Simulator
BIERTON, Mark David Systems Engineering Framework for Hypersonic Airbreathing Vehicle Design
BONE, Viv Modelling of a Concentrating Solar Thermal Plant and Backup Gas Boiler
BROWN, Victoria Replacement for International Space Station Automated Transfer Vehicles
BURNETT, Harold Robert Assessing the Impacts of Automation:   Collision and Proximity Detection Systems - confidential for a period of 10 years
BURNS, Tristan Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation Based Image Fusion
CARCIONE, Alessandro An Investigation into the Nonlinear Propagation of Acoustic Waves in Composite Beams
CARTMILL, Ian David Dynamic Mechanical Interaction between Solid Projections and Skin: Impact and Surface Perturbations
CHAN, Stanley Numerical Investigation in Deposit Formation in Foam Structured EGR Coolers
CHEE, Lau Kong Study of the Effect of the Addition of Tin to the Microstructure and Properties of Magnesium – Aluminium Based Cast Alloys
COLLINGE, Timothy James A Comparison of Wear Mechanisms Associated with Machining CP Ti Using Flooded Emulsion Coolants and Thermally Assisted Machining
COLLINS, Russell Accelerometer Force Balances for Impulse Facilities
CONNOR, Christopher Design and Evaluation of an Ultrasonic Grain Refinement System
CROWLEY, Angus Investigating Nonlinear Acoustic Techniques for Impact Damage Detection in Composite Beams
CULLEN, Matthew Using Hertzian Contact Mechanics, FEM and Fracture Mechanics to Model Impact Fatigue Spalling
CULLEN, Timothy Vortex Generating Compression Fields for Stream-Traced Scramjet Inlets
DALTON, Alexander Development of New Fracture and Abrasion Resistance Tests
DALZIEL, Emily Modifying an Existing Sailplane to Incorporate Self-Launching and Retrieve Capability: a Design Evaluation
DANKS, Michael Pelletising Natural Fibres for Optimisation of a Biocomposite Extrusion Process
DENMAN, Samuel Nicholas The Suitability of Acoustical Applications for Smart Phones for Professional Acoustical Measurements
DOREY, Frazer James Quantifying the Economic Benefits of Dragline Simulator Training
DOWD, Morgan A System for Observation and Automated Detection of Asteroid Impacts on Jupiter
DRAY, Brett The Effects of Abrasive Environments on the Relative Performance of Different Wear Resistant Polymers
DUXBURY, Conor Validation of Aerodynamic Devices for Formula SAE
FABIO, James Michael Effect of Heat Addition on Skin Friction Reduction in a Supersonic Flow through a Cylindrical Duct
FRASER, Samuel Modelling of an Evacuated Tube Solar Collector
GILLESPIE, Jack The Effects of Copper Addition to Cast Magnesium Aluminium Alloys
GOODE, Maxwell Understanding the Relationship between Corrosion and Abrasion Consumption Mechanisms in Grinding Mills
GOONAWARDENA, Rishan Simulation of Hydrogen Injection into Turbulent Boundary Layers
GRAY, Mitchell Determination of Viscoelastic Material Properties of Fibre-Reinforced Composite Laminates Using Plate Wave Ultrasonics
GRIEVE, Samuel Trajectory Study of Hypersonic Freight Delivery
GRILLS, William Effects of Calcium Addition on Magnesium and Aluminium Based Alloys
HADAWAY, Brent Understanding the Performance Characteristics of Commercial Grinding Media - confidential for a period of 3 years
HARDING, Peter Using Iterative Learning Control to Improve Dragline Swing Performance
HARRISS, Joshua Using Learning Analytics in a First Year Engineering Design Flipped Classroom to Provide a Case for a Learning Analytics Dashboard
HARZAPUTRA, Tommy The Enhancement of Internal Blade Tip Cap Cooling of Gas Turbine Blade
HAYNES, Eldon The Effect of Minimum Quantity Lubrication on Tool Wear during the Machining of Beta Titanium Alloy
HE, Yang Solitary Waves in Hertzian Chain
HENG, Leslie Ram Air Turbines on Airliners for Hydraulic & Electrical Power Generation
HENSEL, Richard Study of the Effects of Manganese on the Properties of Magnesium-Aluminium alloys
HOPE, Harrison Friction of Nanowires
HUME, Daniel The Effect of Microwave Treatments on Kenaf Fibres
IMPICCINI, Sophia Investigation of Drawbar Yoke Pin Failures - confidential for a period of 5 years
JAKWA, Donald Ngonidzashe Cooling Tower Design and Improvement
JAYAKRISHNAN, Kejenthran Design Aspects for Bio-Composites Material using Classical Lamination Theory – Mechanical Properties of Natural Fibres (Quasi – Isotropic Flax Fibre & Fabric Flax Fibre)
JOHNSTON, Sean The Influence of pH on the Corrosion Rate of Magnesium Alloys in a Simulated Body Fluid
KAMALUL ARFIN, Muhammad Nuraiman Tensile and Impact Testing of Hybrid Titanium Composite Laminates
KELLY, Blair Michael Thermally Assisted Machining of Commercially Pure Titanium
KELLY, Rory Mason Hypersonic CFD Study of Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interactions Over a Missile Body
KENNING, Shelly Investigation of Variable Cross-Section Exhaust Systems on Performance for Internal Combustion Engines
KIM, Kwang-Yeon Tether System for Powering a UAV from a Ground Robot - confidential for an indefinite period
KINSELLA, Patrick Arthur Numerical Investigation and Comparison of Flow Past a Heated Circular Cylinder
KRISANSKI, Sean Volume of Fluid Modelling of a 2-Phase Injector
LEONFORTE, Andrew Development of a Lean Grid Structure using the Lattice Boltzmann Method for Porous Media Flow
LIN, Joy Nonlinear Modelling and Preliminary Analysis of the Effects of Airfoil Shape on Flutter Boundary in Steady Flow using Panel Methods
LUND, Stuart Computational Analysis of Turbulent Flow over Backward-Facing Steps on Rocket Fairings
MACKAY, Ian Damage Modelling of Rail Squats in ANSYS Finite Element Package
MACLEAN, Lachlan Investigation into the Application of In-Situ Alignment of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymers within Fused Deposition Modeling
MAHTO, Suyash An Investigative Study of Software Simulated Damping Components in Conveyor Systems, Under Non-Steady State Conditions - confidential for a period of 15 years
MALISANO, Julian Lawrence The Novel Approach to Grain Refinement of Cast Austenitic Fe-22 Mn Based Alloys
MANALILI, Alyssa Zn-Al for Brazing Applications
MANNE, Katja Cantonese, Cochlear Implants and the Problem of Tone
MAY, Daniel Development of Super Strong High Entropy Alloys
MCCULLOUGH, Jon Computational Modelling of Particle Suspensions Under Electromagnetic Excitation
MCGRATH, Jacob Simulation of Guided Waves Propagating in Composite Beams
MEGAT SAHRIDAN NAHAR, Megat Syazwan Shah Super High Speed Grinding of Difficult-to-Machine Material and Structure
MILLS, Kurt Investigation of Bonding Properties in Hybrid Titanium Composite Laminates
MISKIN, Alexander Geothermal Heat Pump Systems
MO, Meiling Properties of Starch-based Plastic Processed Using Ionic Liquids
MOHAMED, Wan Muhammad Haniff Critical Review of Coal Fire Prevention and Extinguishing Method
MOHD JURAIMY, Fathiah Nadia Development of Lead–Free Pre-Form Solder Alloys for Power Device Applications- Powder Sintering Cu6Sn5 and Sn-0.7wt%Cu-0.05wt%Ni
MOHD NOH, Mohd Nu Aim FEM Modelling of Dynamic Behaviour of Thin Membrane Drum Structures
MOHD YUSOFF, Mohamed Adil Materials Selection Using A Thermodynamic Database
MOK, Wen Chyuan Nanofluids in Solar Thermal Applications
MUHAMAD KHOSIM, Nur Afiqah Development of Bi-Se Nanostructures for Thermoelectric Applications
MYNN, Alexander Testing of an Evacuated Tube Solar Collector
NG, Darren Understanding the Physical Properties of Graphene
NGUYEN, Thuy Thu Machinability of CP Titantium and Ti-6A1-4V:  The Effect of Hardness on Tool Wear and Tool Life
NUGENT, Joshua Anthony Thermoeconomic Assessment of Solarised Gas Turbines for Combined Cycle Retrofit
O'CONNOR, Seamus Michael Guy Air Cooled Cylinder Head for Internal Combustion Engine
ONG, Sheng Kai Feasibility Study of Renewable Hybrid System in Madagascar
PALMER, Julian DNI Measurements for Accurate Solar Energy Conversion Forecasting
PANARODVONG, Benjamin Characterisation of Eutectic Al11RE3 in Al-Re and Mg-Al-Re Systems and the Potential for Modification
PAYARD, Timothy Investigation into the Addition of Titanium into Magnesium Aluminium Alloys
PEACOCK, Harold Commercial Space Scramjet Program
PELLICAAN, Joshua Study of the Effect of the Addition of Silicon to the Microstructure and Properties of Magnesium – Aluminium Based Cast Alloys
PUKALLUS, Ellen Louise Understanding Supercritical Fluid Flow
PURCELL, Christopher Automated Structured Grid Generation for CFD Calculations
PURDIE, Rachel Modular Design of a Sustainable Aquaponics System
RAO, Angadh Evaluation of Imaging Algorithm to Characterize Damage in Plates
REY, Stefan Mechanical Characterisation of Nanostructures
ROBERTS, Jasmine Teresa Investigation of Algae Bioreactor Facades on Commercial Buildings
RODGER, James Corrosion Issues Associated with the use of Alternative Fuels in Autos
ROSE, Erika Feasibility of Establishing a Helium Reclamation Facility for The University of Queensland's Impulse Facilities
RUSSELL, Douglas Reducing Energy Intensity in the Manufacturing Industry
SCHAUL, Alan Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Heat Transfer through Complex Composite Structures
SEHIC, Semso Development of New Generation of Mg-Al Based Cast Alloys:  Study on the Effects of Varying Nickel content on Mg-3Al and Mg-9Al alloys
SHEAVES, Thomas David Harold Feasibility Study on the Use of Synthetic Ropes in Dragline Applications
SHUM, Pei Wai  Modelling Thermophotovoltaics (TPVs)
SHUTE, Brendan Allan Design of a Differential for FSAE Vehicle
SIERP, Reid Abrasive Blasting Package Design - confidential for a period of 5 years
SINCLAIR, Stanley Performance and Emissions Analysis of Bio-Diesel B20 Blends in Modern Diesel Engines - confidential for a period of 1 year
SMITH, Jayden The Effect of Ultrasonic Treatment on the Solidification of the as-cast Al-Cu Series Alloys
SMITH, Selena Peritectic Reactions and Phase Transformations of Sn-30wt.% Cu with and without Ni Additions for High Temperature Pb-free Soldering Applications
STENNETT, Samuel The Validation of the k-w Turbulence Model for 3D Test Cases
STRATTON, Adam James Soil-Water Characteristic Curve Testing of Coal Wastery Wastes
SUNTORNMONKONGSRI, Panupong Multiphase Flow Modelling of Gas Extraction from Coal Seams Using OpenFOAM
TAIT, Michael The Use of a Multipass Rheometer to Measure the Rheology of Starch Based Polymers
TAYLOR, Leon Brayden The Use of Arduino Microcontrollers to Create a Readout, Controller and Data Logging Instrument for a Subsonic Wind Tunnel
THANG, Christopher Computational Simulation of Closed-Loop Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease
THATCHER, Mary Financial Feasibility Analysis of Storage Integrated Thermophotovoltaic Systems
THOMPSON, David Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Through a Conveyor Idler Frame as a Result of a Faulty Bearing Heat Source
TONG, Edmund Ji Sheng Hybrid Air-Conditioning with Heat Recovery
TORNOS, Fernando  Locomotive Adhesion and Simulation:  Creep Control
TRAVERS, Matthew Ultrasonic Grain Refinement of Al-Si Alloys
TRUDGIAN, Matthew Allan Modelling of the Hypersonic Flow Around an Actuator Using a Dynamic Mesh
TUME, James Application of Surface Vibration as an Online Cleaning Strategy for Economiser Fouling Deposits
TURNOUR, Matthew Edward Thermally Assisted Machining of Commercially Pure Titanium
ULYATE, Blake The Influence of Fuel-Injection Timing For Scramjet Tests in T4
VANDERLINDE, Jake Liquid Hydrocarbon Injection for Scramjet Applications
WANG, Le Young’s Modulus of Alumina Nanobelts Measured Using Laser Doppler Vibrometry
WILLIAMS, Sarah Elizabeth High Strength Titanium Alloy for Aircraft Components
WILSON, David Fluid Dynamic Analysis and Design Optimisation of an Inlet Manifold - confidential for a period of 5 years
WILSON, Sean Investigation of the Chaotic Motion of a Dragline Bucket
WONG, Ting Design of Thermal Components of Ultrasonic Grain Refinement System
WOOD, Kieran Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis with Moving Grids for Hypersonic Flow Applications and Validation with Unit Test Cases
WOOD, Matthew Study of the Effect of Zinc Addition on Microstructure and Properties of Mg-Al Based Cast Alloys
XU, Huangjin Manufacturing and Characterisation of Thin Starch-Cellulose Composite Film
YOUNG, Conor James Application of Novel Apparatus for Testing Water Vapour Transmission Rate through Thin Films
ZAINAL, Mohammed Anas Amir Coal Self-Heating Behaviour: Feasibility Study of Harnessing Underground Fire Heat Energy

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ABDUL HARIS, Mohd Hanis Farhan Life Cycle Costing for Additive Manufacturing and Parts Count Reduction
ABDUL KADIR, Ahmad Arif Ball Mill Edge Chipping Test
ABDUL RAHEEM, Abdul Azeem Work Hardening and Machinability of TWIP Steels
ACUTT, Conor Investigating Chemical Interactions between an Aerospace Grade Epoxy Resin and Polyamides Toughening Particles
ALAMRI Ali Aziz Ali Gas Turbine Performance Modeling for Integrated Solar Thermal Application
ALI, Azhar Control of an Engine using Aftermarket Engine Control Units (ECUs)
ALLARD, Anthony The Effects of Injection Timing on the Production of NOx Emissions during Biodiesel Combustion
ARBIT, Matilda Bending Behaviour of Wrought Aluminium Alloys
ARCHER, Ross Modelling of Titanium Hybridized Carbon Fibre Laminate Stacks
AZNAN, Afif Development of an Ultrasonic Grain Refinement System
BAKER, Jake Impact of NOx Reduction Methods on a Turbocharged Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel
BAMBERY, Daanish Variable Bypass Turbofan
BASKARA, Rizky Adhi Thermal Efficiency of DME Fuelled Diesel Engine
BELONOGOFF, Mark Flexibility Benefits of Airbreathing Hypersonic Propulsion for Access to Space
BISMARK, Jared Design of a Monocoque Chassis for Formula SAE
BOWLING, Steven Hugh Embrittlement of Nylon in Arid Environments
BRAMPY, Tulip A Selection Guide for Additive Manufacturing Processes and Systems
BUSS, Jonathan Minimisation of NOx and PM Emissions during Biodiesel Combustion
CALDER, Andrew Control of a Hovering Electric Ducted Fan UAV
CARRIGAN, Alastair Decentralised Energy with the Organic Rankine Cycle Utilising Waste Heat Recovery
CASEY, Finlay Finite Element Simulations of Lamb Waves Propagating in Thin Beams Containing Defects
CATLING, Nathan Energy Performance Assessment of a Naturally Ventilated Double Skin Facade
CHAI, Chuan-Jian An Alternative Reaction Control Strategy for SCRAMSPACE 1
CHENG, Wee Sing The Use of Alternative Energy Sources for Shipping Vessels
CHEONG, Ian Ty Exploring the Ball Mill Impact Fatigue Test
CHIU, Jeremy Optimization of TPU Nanocomposite Membranes for Wastewater Aeration
CHU, Ching-Shun Microstructure Control of Sn-Cu-Ni Alloys for Pb-free Solder Applications
CHU, Ciaran Tin Yau Investigating the Feasibility of Enhanced Coal Bed Methane Recovery
CLARK, David Colin Optimisation of a Tuned Intake Manifold for a Holden V8 Supercar
CLARK, Martin Design of a Light Gas Gun Modification for Small-Scale Hypersonic Flight Testing in T4
CLIFFORD, Jared Peter Optimization of Waste Heat Utilization at Swanbank Power Station
CONNELL, Michael Prediction of Thermal Damage in Rails
CRAIG, Tyson Sail Powered Cross Flow Helical Turbine Generator Analysis
CRAN, Thomas Formula SAE Suspension Design and Analysis
DENMAN, Zachary John Modelling Heat Recirculation in Micro-Combustors Using Eilmer3
DI PASQUALE, Teo Multilayer Film Modelling for Biopolymer Packaging Applications
DICKSON, Jessica Applications, Manufacturing Methods and Failure Modes of Titanium-Carbon Hybrid Composites
DODT, Nicholas Stress Induced Martensitic Transformations in some Austenitic Steels
DOUGLASS, Lachlan James Reduction of Emissions from a Biodiesel Fuelled Engine Using Injection Control Techniques
DOWD, Cameron Alan The effects of density changes in firewhirls
ELDER, Michael Fredrick Numerical Modeling of Porous Injectors For Scramjet Mainstream Fuel Injection
EWIN, Bradley Grain Refinement and its Effect on Mechanical Properties
FEDUNIK-HOFMAN, Larissa Experimental Study on Nozzle Characterisation for the Cooling Systems of Geothermal and Solar Thermal Power Plants
FISHER, Robert Design of a Forced Induction Mechanism for a Formula SAE Engine
FLOCCO, Antonia Optimising Porthole Geometry for Maximum Jet Strength
FLOYD, Shaun Performance Effects of Leading-Edge Protuberances on a Fixed-Wing Aircraft
FORBES-SPYRATOS, Sholto Orion Hypersonic Vehicle Analysis via Inverse Simulation
FRAENKEL, Nicholas Investigation into Downhill Mountain Bike Rear Suspension Linkage Design
GAY, Wee Choon Jason Existence of Hurricanes in Other Planets
GEHRKE, Christopher Simulation and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Hypersonic Shockwave Boundary Layer Interactions
GIANDUZZO, David Experimental Design of Particle Image Velocimetry System for the T4 Shock Tunnel
GIBBONS, Nicholas Neil Computational Fluid Dynamics of Free-Piston Motion in Superorbital Expansion Tubes using the Ghost Fluid Method
GODDARD, Matthew The Aerodynamic Design of a Low Power Radial Inflow Turbine
GOH, Kwan Hern Kelvin Hygiene and The Need For New Cleaning Systems in Public Restrooms
HALL, Edward Industrial Thesis in Control - confidential for an indefinite period
HALLAM, Adrian Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Hypersonic Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interactions – Separated Axisymmetric Case
HALLETT, Frances Mary Design for an Automated Inner Tube Retrieval System for Surface Exploration Drill Rigs
HARVEY, Dominic Aerodynamic and Propulsion Database Generation for Rapid Prototyping of Hovering Rockets
HEDGCOCK, Samuel Residential Grey Water Heat Recovery in South East Queensland
HIEW, Keng Hoong Performance Investigation of a Diesel Engine running on Bio-diesel
HOUGHTON, Anna Elizabeth Evaluation of Renewable Energy and storage systems to replace Diesel Generators in Remote Communities
HOULT, Christopher Mechanical Properties of SiC Nanowhiskers
HOYE, Kim Leslie Simulation of Heat Transfer Measurements in Shock Tunnels
HU, Yitong Designing and Testing of a Lab Scale Fluidised Bed
HUTCHINSON, Angus The Wonders of Two-Dimensional Turbulence
ILSLEY, Jake Characteristics of Drop Trajectories for Subsea Equipment
JACKSON, Samuel Fibre Optic Gyroscope: Fibre Winding Machine Design and Construction
JACOBS, Peter Coal Shiploader Wind Load Analysis
JANKE, Jevon Analysis of a “Locost” Kit Car
JAYA KUMAR, Govin Poduval Comparison of Old and New Methods for Evaluating Fracture Resistance of Abrasion Resistant Ferrous Alloys: Un-notched Charpy Test
JENSEN, Andrew Norman Parallel Plate Microcombustion Simulations Using Eilmer 3
KENT, Raleigh Benjamin Reducing Tar Production in the FEMA Wood Gasifier
KHOO, Yen Ling Magnesium Corrosion
KIRTHIJEYARAJAH, Shivanan Comparison of Performance & Emission of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Diesel & Biodiesel
KOLTSOVA, Anna Dynamics of Satellite Rendezvous
LANDSBERG, Will A Performance Comparison of Hydrogen, Methane and Ethylene Fuelled Scramjets at Mach 8
LAY, Daniel Simulations for Turbine Design Considering Real Gas Effects with OpenFOAM
LEATH, Bryce Design of Electronic Fuel Injection Systems Using Petrol Injectors
LEE, Gabriel Horological Design
LEE, Shih Loong Benson A Comparison between Reusable and Disposable Surgical Gowns and Drapes
LEE, Simon Design and Construction of a Fibre-Optic Gyroscope
LEONG, Dick Long Ivan Integrated Approach to Materials Selection
LEUNG, Jeffrey Grain Refinement and its Effect on Mechanical Properties
LIEW, Loon Chou New Trends in Oil and Gas Mining and Its Impacts
LIM, Ryan Feasibility of Free Cooling Systems Utilising Phase Change Materials in the Brisbane Climate
LOCK, Mitchell An Analysis of Biodiesel Exhaust Emissions Produced By Light-Duty Diesel Engines
LONGERICH, Zino A Detailed Analysis of the Interfaces Required for Integrating UQ Racing’s Formula SAE Engine into The University of Queensland’s Dynamometer facility
MAFU, Bekithemba Arnold Far-field Benefits of Mixing and Combustion Enhancement Techniques in Scramjets
MASON, Shannon Design of a CubeSat Stirling Radioisotope Generator
McCAUL, Blaice Optimisation of Down-hole Progressive Cavity Pumps for use in Queensland Coal Seam Gas
McCULLOCH, Michael Facilitated Online Learning Tools for Teaching CAD
McINNES, William Effect of Heat Treatment on a Biomedical Ti-alloy
McINTOSH, Benjamin Stress Analysis of Subsurface Cracks in Railway Lines Leading to Failure
McKAY, David Effect of Grain Refinement on Mechanical Properties of Zn Alloys
McMAHON, Liam Short Range Rocket Design and Simulation
McNEIL, Heather Elizabeth Design and Validation of a Front Wing for a Formula SAE car
McTAGGART, Kalam James Feasibility Investigation and Aerodynamic Design Optimisation of a Front Wing for a Formula Society of Automotive Engineering Race Vehicle
MEEUWISSEN, Morgan Numerical Experimentation to Enhance the Performance of the T4 Shock Tunnel
MOHAMED SHAHARUDDIN, Mohamed Arif Underground Fire
MONTGOMERY, Liam Analysis of a Thermal Storage Material for Storage Integrated Solar Thermophotovoltaics
MUNZ, Jamie Mechanical Systems Design of Hovering Rocket Flight Vehicle
MYSELL, Matthew Study of Chain-die Forming through Finite Element Analysis
NAIR, Jonathan Mechanical Properties of Starch Materials Plasticized by Ionic Liquids
NGAH, Faizzuddin Railway Rolling Noise Prediction Software: Barrier Function
NOR AZLI, Khairul Anwar Modelling Surface Chemistry Effects in Microcombustors
PAHOR, Jake CTUM Side Guide Redesign - confidential for a period of 7 years
PASTRELLO, Andrew Numerical Simulation of Titan Explorer Scale Expansion Tube Experiment
PAULL, Nathan High Speed Imaging of Scramjet Flow in the X3 Expansion Tube
PESCOD, Ben George Design of Hypersonic Inlets with High Mixing Efficiencies
PHAM, Viet Quoc Finite Element Analysis of Australian Land Speed Record Vehicle
PIETROBON, Luke Design of Low Power Radial Turbine for ORC Test Rig
POPOVSKY, John Analysis of a Geothermal Organic Rankine Cycle in Rural Australia
POREP, Daniel Analysis of Void Transport in Thermoplastic Polymers
PRIOR, Caitlin A Comparison of Desktop Additive Manufacturing Systems
QUINN, Matthew Comparison of New and Old Methods for Evaluating Fracture Resistance of Abrasion Resistant Ferrous Alloys - (C) Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness (KIc)
READER, Harrison Bartholomew The Utilisation of Hot Spring Sourced Organic Rankine Cycles for Queensland Based Power Generation
RYAN, Rhiannon Judith Investigating the Feasibility of Natural Gas as a Fuel for Mining Haul Truck Operations
SAKHOR, Muhammad Aiman Predictive Modeling and Controlled of the Incremental Forming Process
SALTER, Trent William CFD Calculations for Turbomachinery Using OpenFoam
SAWKA, Jean Development of an Alternative Lean Six Sigma Framework that is Applicable to Small Operations
SCOTT, William Alexander Design and Evaluation of Hydrostatic Transmission for FSAE Race Car utilising Digital Displacement Technology
SHRESTHA, Nicholas Numerical Simulations of High Temperature Material Tests in a Hypersonic Plasma Wind Tunnel
SIMPSON-LOVELL, Christopher Materials Selection, Design Validation and Manufacture of a Monocoque Chassis
SOON, Chun Sheng Can Renewable Energy from Local Sources Power Brisbane?
SRINIVASAN, Kiran Understanding and Quantifying Stress Waves in an Expansion Tube Originating at the Free Piston Driver
SUNARJANA, Damine Design and Validation of Test Jig for Testing Interface Strength in Thermoplastic Coated Composite Laminates
SWEEP, Jack A The Magnetohydrodynamic Modelling of a Plasma Explosion in a Space Propulsion Application
THEODOULOU, Zenon Accurately Locating Defects in Plates Using Guided Waves
THOMPSON, Benjamin High-Quality Structured Grid Generation for CFD Simulations
THOMPSON, James Design of Combustion Drivers for Scramjet Testing in the T4 Shock Tunnel
THOREAU, Peter External Fuel Injection and Combustion for Hypersonic Vehicle Control via Skin Friction Reduction
TIMMS, Mitch Development of a Single Cylinder Engine Package for Formula SAE Applications
TING, Ricky Hiu Yeung Emissions of Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Carbonyl Compounds from Combustion of Biodiesel Fuel
TSUNG, Robert Feasibility Analysis of Split Cycle Engine with Integrated Compressor Design
TURNER, Peter Flutter Analysis of a 2D Wing using OpenFOAM
VALMADRE, Nino Ross Utilisation of a Tethered Aerostat in Wind Energy Resource Assessment
VIERITZ, Adam Thermodynamic and Economic Optimisation of Concentrating Solar Thermal Power
VILLEGAS RESTREPO, Luis Stress-Induced Martensitic Transformation in AISI 304 Stainless Steel
WALKER, Ryan Joseph Modelling Fuel Slosh Induced Chaotic Vibrations in Satellites
WAN, Rosemund Pooi Yee Emission Reduction Strategies for Direct Injection Diesel Engine
WARD, Aislinn A Systems Engineering Approach to an FSAE Race Car Design
WATSON, Harry Wireless Electronic Price Tags - confidential for a period of 1 year
WHITE, Thomas Keith Measuring the Mechanical Properties of Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue and Assessing its Relevance for Novel Vaccine Delivery Technologies
WILLOUGHBY, Ashley Steven Design of a Formula SAE Aerodynamic Undertray
WOODALL, Nathan Industrial Induced Draught Application to Seal a Furnace Feed Chute - confidential for a period of 5 years
WU, Feng-Yu Characterisation of Weak Bonds in Composite Repairs
WYLLIE, Edward Investigation of Hypersonic and High Temperature Gas Effects on Pitot Pressure
ZAMBELLI, Victor Solid Solution Effects in Mg-Sn Binary Alloys
ZIEGELAAR, Alexander Benjamin An Investigation of the Effects of Extrusion Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of Natural Fibre Composites

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A SHAFIUDDIN, Azlan Shah Design of Chassis Antiroll System for UQ FSAE
ACTON, William Lawrence Design of a Transparent Shock Tube
AHMAD, Mohd Anas Development of Graphical Capability for Three- Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamic Software
AMBROSE, Bryan Chiang Effectiveness of Exhaust Gas Recirculation on Diesel and Dimethyl-Ether
ARNOLD, Callum Composite Coatings on Stainless Steel
AYRE, Thomas Robert Review of the Standards Relating to Pressure Vessel Openings under External Pressure
BAHARUDIN, Haziq Formula SAE: Engine Intake Tuning and Optimisation
BAINES, Joshua Sean Microcombustor Simulation with Finite-Rate Chemistry
BANDI, Mayoora Advanced Turbine Blade Cooling
BARTLETT, Robert Samuel The Emissions Associated with the Combustion of Dimethyl Ether in a Diesel Engine
BOSTON, Benjamin James Modelling and Experimentation with a Small Scale Brayton Cycle
BOYD – Moss, James Lyall Benefits of Oxygen Enrichment for Access to Space Scramjet Trajectories
BROWNING, Lachlan Andrew A study into the feasibility of utilising available hydrogen fuel cell technologies in 2012
BUCHANAN, Liam Modelling Ablation During Atmospheric Entry
BURLEY, Mitchell James The Selection and Adaptation of High Speed Rolling Stock for an Australian Environment
BUSH, Alexander George Investigation of Manufacturing Methods and Characterisation of the Interphase Property of Natural Fibre Reinforced High-Density Polyethylene Composites
BUTLER, Daniel Modification of the X3 Expansion Tube as a Low Speed Shock Tube
CAPON, Christopher Jack Modelling and Preliminary Sizing of a Direct Descent, Spin-Stabilised, Lunar Braking Stage
CHAN, Steve Ho Yu Investigation of Bacterial Coal Gasification
CHAN, Wing Hin Andy Review of Outward Flow Radial Turbine
CHIK, Muhammad Asyran Performance of Biodiesel in Diesel Engine as Diesel Fuel Alternative – A Review
CLARKE, Brendan John Operational Flexibility of Lean-Premixed Gas Turbines: a CFD study on the limitations imposed by emissions regulations
COHEN, Alexandra Rose Modelling of the HIFiRE 7 Fuel System - confidential for an indefinite period
COLLINS, Dominic Seamus Cascade Injector for Mixing Enhancement in Scramjets
CORREA, Daniel Sound Power Determination.  The development and investigations into appropriate methodologies for determining sound power of various noise sources in the field
CURTI, David James Rapid Prediction of Forces required in SPIF
DART, Laurie Jon Numerical Studies of Turbulent Hypersonic Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interactions
DAWSON, Katie Amelia Design of a Track Frame Manipulator
DAY, Blake Derek UQ Racing Formula SAE Engine Cooling System
DING, Longlong Characterisation of interface property of continuous natural fibre reinforced polypropylene composite - confidential for a period of 1year
DRIML, Matthew Peter Application of Stainless Steel onto Ultrahigh Strength Steel via Cold Spray
DUNLOP, Adam Interfacial Shear Strength in Natural Fibre Epoxy Bio-composites
ELDER, William James Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery
ENRIGHT, Mitchell James DEM Simulation Analysis of Rotary Breakage Mills for Coal Application
FILEWOOD, Dale James Investigation of Rail Stud Initiation by Predicting Wheel Slip using Multibody Dynamics
FISHER, Scott Timothy Preliminary Design of a Solid Rocket Motor for a Direct Descent Lunar Lander
GALE, Archie Alastair Perry Feasibility of Viktor Schauberger's Vortex Engine
GARRAHY, Ryan Joseph Characterisation of Flax Epoxy Natural Fibre Composites
GARRETT, Lucas John William An Experimental Validation of a Thermoelectric Generator Model
GAULT, Gene Cameron UQR Formula SAE Cooling System
GHARIB, Stephanie P Nuclear Options for Australia
HARRIS, Ashley James Equine Muscle Stiffness Diagnostic Tools (Equipment and Method) - confidential for a period of 5 years
HARRIS, Corey Modelling the Performance of T4 using Computational Fluid Dynamics
HAWKINS, Scott William Evaluation of Materials for Replenishable Ablative Thermal Protection
HAYNES, Thomas Robert Microwave assisted development of gamma titanium aluminide alloys from powder
HEFFERNAN, Samuel Advanced Detection Techniques and Automation in Mining
HETTIGE, Alexander Julian Microwave Sintering of Ti-Fe-Cu Alloys and the Effect of Al and Sn Sintering Additives
HOUSTON, Morgan James Toroidal Ballutes and their use in Aerocapture Manoeuvres
HYNES, James Gordon Design of Body Integrated Inlets for Hypersonic Vehicles
JAMES, Mathew Ian Design Analysis of the Suspension Kinematic and Anti-Roll Bar Systems for FSAE-A UQ Racing
KAMARUDIN, Khairul Azhar Bin Engine Optimisation for Formula SAE
KASSULKE, Joshua John Erosion of Gas Turbine Blades due to Flowing NOx Particle Interaction
KAVNEY, Mitchell John Analysis of an Underfloor Air Distribution System
KEAST, Brenton Erich Development of an Innovative Method for Eco-Design in Engineering
KEEN, Laura Michelle Effect of Tempering on Abrasion and Chipping of White Irons
KELLY, Stephen Mark Multi-Stage Rocket Design
KOCH, Brendan John Power steering for UQ Racing
KULKAEW, Pisan Calculation of the Unsteady Aerodynamic Modes on a 1-D Radial Mesh using Cylindrical Co-ordinates
LEAHY, Tomas Cameron Inverse Heat Conduction Problem
LEWIS, Steven William Optimisation of a Scramjet Inlet using an Evolutionary Algorithm and the Barrine Cluster
LOGAN, Peter James Preliminary Design of an Axial Flow Turbine for Geothermal Power
LO, Chong Hao Microwave Fabrication of Titanium Composites Reinforced by Titanium Carbide and Titanium Boride
LYNCH, John Patrick Lathe Testing for Conditions causing Martensite
MADUGALLE, Ratnamali Kaushalya Chathurangi Advanced Gas Turbine Blade Cooling
MARTY, Tom Evans Oxygen Enrichment for Mixing Enhancement in Hypervelocity Scramjets
MATTHEWS, Kaitlin Maree External Burning for Hypersonic Vehicle Drag Reduction and Control
MAUNDER, John Arthur Colin The Method of Characteristics and its Application to Supersonic Gas Dynamics
MAURER, Michael Raymond The Development of Professional Identity Along the Pathway to Becoming an Engineer
MAYERS, Blake Edward Programming for Stacker-Reclaimer Stability Analysis
McINTYRE, Thomas Michael Implementation of a Transmission for the UQR F-SAE Car
MEAD, James The Synthesis of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Nanocomposites Incorporating Cellulose Fibres
MOHD AZLI, Anis Athirah Characterisation of Plant Fibres used in Biocomposite
MOK, Raymund Investigation of Manufacturing Methods and Characterisation of Interphase Property of Natural Fibre Reinforced Nylon 11 Composite
MOTTERSHEAD, Bryn Benjamen Flight Stability Analysis of HIFiRE - confidential for an indefinite period
MUGGLETON, Robert Grain Refinement of the Aluminium – Niobium. System and the Role of the Peritectic Reaction
NEELAND, Andrew James Interfacial Shear Strength of a Jute/Epoxy Composite using a Single Fibre Fragmentation Test
NEILSEN, Erik Kingsley Development of a Portable, Synthetic Cricket Pitch
NEWMAN, Benjamin The Feasibility of Irrigation with Coal Mine Water in the Surat Basin
OOI, Zi Wei The Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube
PEARCE, Jake A Feasibility Analysis of Advanced Coal Power Plant Options for the Near Future
POZZEBON, Matthew Louis Computer Generated Novel Designs
RAMESH, Sunil Net Shape Forming of Titanium (Ti) by Microwave Sintering
RANN, John Edward Hunter Impact Resistance of Thermoplastic Starch Sheets
REDWOOD, Taylor Paul Preliminary Design of the Third Stage Solid Rocket Motor for AUSROC Nano
RICE, Stephen Mark Modelling of Entry into the Atmospheres of the Gas Giants
RICHARDS, Jackson Raymond Design and Performance Evaluation of Flue Gas Economisers
SELVARAJ, Hemaganesh Interfacial Shear Strength of Flax Fibres
SENARATH, Chathura Janaka Design of a Calibration Rig for the T4 Nozzle-Supply Transducers
SHANNON, Grant Joseph Formula SAE Engine, Intake and Exhaust Selection and Optimisation
SHEIK ABD RAHIM, Siti Nor Alia Effect of EGR on diesel engine emissions
SHEPPARD, Ashlee Elizabeth Grain Refinement of the Mg-Ni System
SOLANKI, Vanessa Applications of Thermoelectric Generators in Solar Thermal Power Plants
SOLE, Benjamin Mark Thermal Paints for Temperature Measurements on Hypersonic Vehicle
SOMALWAR, Utpreksha Mitigation of Near Earth Object Impacts with Earth
TAN, Kiat Beng Experiential Learning as a Mean of Teaching Design
TANG, Guang Yang The Acoustical Performance of a Modern Large Open Office for use by Research Personnel
TANGUY, Geoffrey Spot initiation rates and their influence on transition length in hypersonic flows
THOMASSON, Jacob Geoffery Underground Coal Mining Road Sweeper Design - confidential for a period of 5 years
TRAN, Xuan Quy Refinement of Primary Cu6Sn5 During Solidification of Cu-Sn Alloys
TYE, Kuo Quan The Feasibility of using Incinerators to Recover Energy from Municipal Solid Waste in Southeast Queensland
WALTERS, Michael Kevin The Recommended Testing Methods and Interface of the UQ Racing’s Formula SAE Engine with the University of Queensland’s Engine Testing Facility
Warren, Kiran Mark PEM Fuel Cells: Temperature & Performance
WATERS, Lee Christopher Multi-Objective Design Optimisation of a Three-Dimensional Scramjet Inlet
WEI, Jonathan The mechanical performance evaluation of thermoplastic film-welded aerospace composite joints - confidential for a period of 5 years
WHITEMAN, Mitchell Lewis Analysis of Impact Spoon Wear and Failure of Impact Stringer Assemblies
WHITEWICK , Mitchell Conor Grain Refinement of Tin for use in Lead-Free Solder Alloys
WONG, Tai Long Lincoln Development of an Innovative Method for Sustainable Design
WRIGHT, Matthew John CFD Calculations for Turbomachinery Using OpenFOAM

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ABDEL-MAGIED, Yassmin Design of the 2012 UQR Formula SAE Space Frame Chassis
AMARO, Jair Truck Pose Estimation Using Iterative Closest Point
AMINUDDIN, Mohd Khairul Syafiq Drum Granulation of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Particles
ANDY, Gogularajan Temporal Distribution of CO2 Emissions and Material Substitutions in Aircrafts
ANGUS, Brendon Simulation of Transition in Hypersonic Flows
ARCHER, Mitchell Increasing the Lifespan of a Vibrating Screen by Crack Prevention
ATKINSON, Alyce Integrated Approaches to Materials Selection
BAILEY, David Numerical Analysis of Axisymmetric Scramjet Flow Fields for Optimum Pressure Sensor Location
BAPTIE, David CFD Reconstruction of Hypersonic Turbulent Shock-Wave/Boundary-Layer Interaction
BARZ, Stuart Environment Control of an Incremental Sheet Former
BEATTIE, Jason Dimethyl Ether Fuel System Design
BEETHAM, Shane Development of a Removable Power Steering Unit for Vintage Cars
BLACKSTOCK, Ross Strain – Rate Effects on the Tensile Properties of Some Heat – Treated High Pressure Die Cast Aluminium Alloys
BLYTON, Peter Development of CFD Capability for the Optimisation of Radial-inflow Turbine Geometry
BOYD, Ben Thermal Management of a Metal Foam Fuel Cell Interconnect
BROWN, Joshua The Development of Heat Transfer Gauges for Hypersonic Research
CHAMBERLAIN, David Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Modelling
CHEN, Steven Chi-Min

Fracture Toughness of Plasticised Starch -Based Polymer Blend -Confidential for an indefinite period

CHIU, Jeremy Thermal Degradation of Photo-Oxo-Degradable Agricultural Film
COLLINS, William Modeling the Transient State of Natural Draft Dry Cooling Towers
COSTA, Livon Expansion of HYPAERO for the Calculation of Aerodynamic Performance of Hypersonic Air Breathing Vehicles
CURTIS, Jared Thermoacoustic Devices
DEVLIN, Joshua Geo-Solar Heat Pumps in a Subtropical Environment, with Focus on Thermal Compression
DIAZ GABUARDI, Jesse Bifurcations of Atmospheric Vortices
DOWNEY, Jack Analysis of the E-Cat and Testing System Design

CFD Approach to Air Flow Around a Mosquito Trap - Confidential for a period of 3 years

DUNN, Mitchell Application of Wavelet Parameters for Damage Characterisation in Beams
EWE, Kwan Liang The Unconventional Coal Mining: CO2 Enhanced Coal Bed Methane Recovery
FENG, Yuan (Eric) Incremental Sheet Forming - Confidential for an indefinite period
FISHER, Iain Diffusion of Non-Reacting Epoxy Components Into Thermoplastics

Effects of Simulated Thermoforming on the Fracture Toughness of Biodegradable Corn Starch-Based Polymer Sheets -Confidential for an indefinite period

GODWIN, Harry Effect of Mat Treatments on the Properties of Epoxy Hemp Mat Composites
GRACE, Christopher Hypersonic Validation of Strip Theory for Swept Wings
GRAMPE, Anthony Design and Implementation of a 3D Sketch Recognition Based Design Application
GUAN, Guang Yu Investigative Design of an Air Lift Cooling Tower
HALL, Timothy Mixing Enhancement from Shock Interaction Between Opposed Cross-Stream Injectors in Scramjets
HALLIDAY, Liam An Experimental Investigation into the Application of Nanofluids in Heat Exchangers
HAWLEY, Jason Manufacturing of Uni-Directional Bio-Based Nylon Composite Test Samples
HE, Anshun Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Thin Films via Nanoindentation
HERNESNIEMI, Juhani Knowledge Based Engineering System for Structural Analysis of Beams Using Sketching Design Tools
HODGSON, Craig Development of a Portable Synthetic Cricket Pitch
HUNG, Edward Tak Yiu Feasibility of External Combustion of Fuel Rich Exhaust for Control
HUNT, Stuart Natural Draft Dry Cooling Tower Design and Cost Estimation
IRVINE, Liam The Modelling and Enhancement of Air Cooled Condenser Performance at Millmerran Power
JABAR, Abd Malek Development of Calcium-based adsorbent for CO2 capture
JACOBSON, Martin The Design and Manufacture of a Cast Dry Sump Pan
JAMES, Christopher Simulation of Entry into the Atmospheres of the Gas Giants
JONES, Declan

Universal Tool Design for Servicing Automotive Wheel Bearing Races - Confidential for a period of 3 years

JOO, Jae Hoon System Construction and Simulation of Solar and Wind Hybrid Power Generation System
KAYES, Julie Ann Feasibility Study of S30/Improved Orion CubeSat Mission
KEHOE-COX, Kasey A Step in the Right Direction:  Retrofitting a Hydraulically Operated Pivoting Access System to a Caterpillar D10T
LAIRD, Sean Buckling of Imperfect Cylindrical Shells under External Pressure
LEAL, Mathew Active goaf gas modelling at Mandalong Mine
LEWIS, Matthew Improving the Bonding Strength of Aluminium-Ceramic Composite Powders Deposited by Kinetic Metallization
LIM, Xuan-Wey Christopher Controlled Release Films for Fertizilers
LISSIMORE, Adam Simulation of Moon Return Conditions in X2
LOOI, En-Shan Simulation of an Axisymmetric Top Under the Influence of Gravity
LU, Jiamin Design of A Brake System for Formula SAE
MACK, Anthony Analysis and Testing of a Coal Harvester
MAHONEY, Robert CFD Investigation of Mixing Enhancement in a New Scramjet Combustor Using Wave/Jet Interactions
MALONEY, Samuel Acoustic Amplification of the Mammalian Cochlear
MARTIN, Andrew Topology Optimisation of a Shark's Spine
McCONAGHY, Stuart Effect of Hemp Fibre on Epoxy Resin Matrices
McCRAY, Jonathan Adhesion Strength of Stainless Steel Kinetic Metallisation Coatings
McINTYRE, Curtis Acoustic Emissions Analysis of Natural Fibre Composite Materials

Design of a Rapid Spiral Concentrator Prototyping System - Confidential for a period of 5 years

MEW, Timothy Energy Management for Battery – Flywheel Hybrid Electric Vehicles
MILNE, Cameron Data Acquisition System Upgrade for a Railway Squeal Test Rig
MOBBS, Alistair Effects of Fire Whirls and their Driving and Propagation Mechanisms
MORIARTY, Luke Suitability of Lean Manufacturing Principles and Six Sigma for Resource Reduction in Industrial Laundries
MOSTERT, Wouter Separation and Ascent of the Third Stage of an Airbreathing Access-to-Space Vehicle
NAUSCHUTZ, Kenneth Effect of Minor Additions of Z and Rare Earth Borides on Sintering of Ti-Fe-X-Y Alloys
NEILL, Benjamin Filtration and Maintenance Procedures of Diesel and Lubrication Oils for Mining Equipment
NOORDERMEER, Kathryn Utilisation of Biomass for Conversion to Energy Products
OTHMAN, Mohamad Nazmi  The Characterisation of a Hopkinson Bar using Two Methodologies, Vertical Drop and Projectile Impact
OW, Hoe Mun Jonathan Application of Heat Pipes for Fuel Cells
PARKE, William The Feasibility of Using DME (Diemthyl Ether) in a Retrofitted Diesel Engine & Other Petroleum Alternatives
PHILLIPS, Timothy Modelling Particle Deagglomeration in Dry Powder Inhalers
PLUSCHKE, Armin The Development of a Dust Monitoring System for a Geothermal Power Plant at Innamincka of South Australia
PORTER, Thomas Investigation of Dragline Swing Instabilities
RAMSAY, Brendan Optimization of Racing Shell Hull Form
RICHARDSON, Matthew Rocket-Assisted Turbo-Ramjet Feasibility Study
ROUSE, Richard Conventional Sintering of Ti-6Al-4V with Minor Sintering Aids
SANDERCOCK, Sean Design and Testing of a Lab Scale Loop Seal
SENGSTOCK, Owen Heat Transfer Enhancement of a Blade Tip Cap Using Metal Foams
SHAMSUL Anuar, Anas Investigation on the Implementation of EGR for NOx Reduction Measure
SHELLEY, Tristan Application of Wavelet Parameters for Damage Characterisation in Plates
SIMMICH, Caleb Smoothed Particle Hydrodunamics: A Study of Wave Motion over Bulbous Bows
SMITH, Thomas Reduction of NOx Emissions in Dimethyl ether (DME) Fuelled Diesel Engines
SMOLSKI, Daniel Mapping the T4 Shock Tunnel Environment with CFD Simulations of Mach 7.6 Nozzle
SPRINGFIELD, Joshua Investigation into the Design of an Inlet for a Two Dimensional Scramjet
SYED ABDUL KARIM, Syed Ahmad Rasyidi Manufacturing Calcium-based CO2 Adsorption Particle Using Drum Granulation
SYED AFENDY ALI, Syed Ashraf Ali CO2 Capture via Calcium Adsorbing Material
TAN, Chia Seh Joseph Preliminary Design of Radial Turbines for Geothermal Applications
TAN, Thuan Hoo Jared Evaluation of Loss Models for Radial-Inflow Turbines
TAO, Zheng Development of Shakers in Membrane Test
TELLAM, John The Synthesis and Testing of a TiC Derived TiO2-x Nano-Scale Photo-catalyst
TEO, Jairal Jichuin Analysis of the Performance and Temperature Separation effect of the Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube
TONG, Grami Development of Methane Gas Sensors for Underground Coal Mines
TUCK, Cameron

Comparison of Excavator Boom Fatigue Damage in Applications of Double and Single Benching - Confidential for a period of 2 years

VIETH, Jonas Rocket-Assisted Atmospheric Escape of a Hypersonic Air-Breathing Vehicle
VISAGIE, Hendrik Meeting Global Emission and Fuel Economy Standards with DME in a Conventional Diesel Engine
WARD, Timothy Simulation of a Novel Metal Forming Approach
WEBB, Samuel XPS Analysis of Surface Treated Hemp Fibres
WILKES, John Effects of Syngas Variability on Gas Turbine Emissions
WILLCOCKS, Mitchell Damage Detection in Layered Concrete Structures using Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves
WING, Ashley Design of a Passive Multistage Release Mechanism for a Zuni-Zuni Rocket
XIE, Hongtao Effect of Non-ideal Clamping in Resonance Method
YAHYA, Aalif Firman Characterisation of Damage in Surface Mounted Piezoceramic Transducers
YANG, Ben Yang Investigating the Compatibility of Fluoropolymers with Aerospace Grade Epoxy Resins
YANG, Liuxin Energy Absorption Characteristics of Age Hardenable Aluminium Alloys
YEO, Yew Boon Ervin A Chemical Heat Pump (CHP) based on Calcium Oxide Reaction Systems
YEOH, Siew Foong Sintering of Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al Alloy in Argon

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A RAHMAN, Abdul Rahim Dimensional Analysis of Cavitating Water Jet
ANG, Hanlin Preparation of Carbon Dioxide Adsorbing Materials and Testing
BAKER, Nicholas James Simulation of Heat Transfer Measurements in Shock Tunnels
BELGROVE, Nathan Development of CFD Capability for the Calculation of Compressible Flow in Complex Three-Dimensional Geometries
BENNET, Philip James Evaluation of the Benefits of "Blue-Sky" Alloy Additions in Chromium White Cast Irons
BLOXHAM, Fraser Craig Increasing Stiffness in Road Bicycle Frames Using Internal Bracing
BLYTH, Conor Vincent Effect of Impingement Angles on the Performance of White Cast Irons Relative to Low-Alloy Steels in Grinding Mills
BOYCE, Kane Daniel State of the Art of Cavitating Water Jets for Use in Coal Seam Mining
CAIRNS, Robert Keith Streamwise Vorticity Generation in Scramjet Combustors:  A CFD Investigation
CHAMBERS, Cormac Gerard The Mechanical Design of an Anthromorphic Powered Exoskeleton
CHIN, Kwan Yew

Effect of Minor Alloying Additions on the Sintering of Ti-2.5Cu Alloy

CHU, Kah Joe Geothermal Heat Pumps for Queensland a Feasibility Analysis
COCHRANE, Patrick Joseph Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Analysis of a Komatsu 830E AC Haul Truck Braking System
COOK, Brian Thomas Compressible-Flow CFD Exercise Book for Beginners in Hypersonic Flow Analysis
COOPER, Gregory Michael Correlation Between Laboratory and Field Performance in Low Stress Sliding Abrasion
CROSLAND, Daniel Luke Cast Alloys for Hydrogen Storage
CURNOW, Alan Graeme Development of a Portable Synthetic Cricket Pitch
D. THANASEELAN, Harihara Sutthan CO2 Emissions & Light Alloys Substitution in Cars
DARE, Nicholas Paul Preventive Maintenance and the Mining Industry:  A Critical Review and Recommendations for Continuous Improvement
DI MAURO, Carlo Michael Manufacturing of Al-Based Intermetallic Reinforced Composites using Kinetic Metallization
DRYDEN, Monica Rebecca The Effects of Load Function and Creep on Osteonal Bone using Nanoindentation
EWIN, Mitchell James Nanoindentation of Ground Silicon Substrates
FITZGERALD, Edward James Harvey Lift and Drag Behaviour of an Inflatable Kite Considering Various Kite Shapes Using 3D CFD Analysis
FLETCHER, Alistair Yates The Design and Simulation of an External Burning Scramjet
FLEWELL-SMITH, Ross Andrew An Evaluation of the Capability of ANSYS CFX 12.1 to Model Air Flow over a Supersonic Ramp
FREE, Benjamin Andrew Simulation of Hydrogen Injection into a Turbulent Boundary Layer
GLANVILLE, Clinton John Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing of Moisture Ingression in Composite Honeycomb Sandwich Structures
GWYNN-JONES, Stephen Francis

Storing Slurry in a Hurry:  A Structural Analysis of the Zipatank Concept and Joinlox System - Confidential for an indefinite period  

HAMES, Sam Estimating the Performance of Beamforming as a Structural Health Monitoring System
HERDEN, Belinda Jade CFD of a Mixing Enhancement in a New Scramjet Combustor Using Shock/Jet Interactions
HO, Chee Fei PVDF/Microcrystalline Cellulose Nanocomposites:  Processing and Characterisation
HOY, Luke A Geo-Solar Heat Pump for Australia
HSIEH, Kun-Ju Pre-Treatment of Hempfibre and Nylon-11 Composite
HUNDSCHEIDT, Daniel John Fracture Toughness of Biodegradable Corn Starch-Based Polymer Sheets
JALALUDIN, Ali Azman Granulation of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Particles
JANSEN, Joshua Thermodynamic Property Calculations for Pure Substances and Mixtures
JOBSON, Taylor Rick Aerodynamic Design of 2 Counter-Rotative Rotors
KATMON, Muhammad Rahmat Development of Calcium-based Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Material
KEEP, Joshua Angus An Investigation into the Practicalities and Benefits Involved in the Implementation of a 6-Stroke Combined Cycle Diesel/Water Injected Internal Combustion Engine in Automobiles
KENNEDY, Liam Edward Analysis of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Free Surface Flows
KING, Rebecca Louise Feasibility of Ramjet Operation on Mars
KWAN, Millard Scramjet Combustor Study
LAI, Kelvin Ho-Yeung Mechanical Characterisation of Tungsten Microwhiskers by Nanoindentation
LEEMON, Alexander John Materials Substitutions and Life-Cycle Analysis of Heavy-Duty Trucks
LEO, Wen Fong Polyethylene Natural Fibre Composite
LI, Xiao Yi The Analysis of Reservoir Attributes in Relation to CO2 Origin and Content in Gas Fields – a Study of Naturally Occurring CO2 Rich Reservoirs on a Global Scale
LI, Yunzhe The Creep Behaviour of PVDF Based Nanocomposite
LIM, Aaron Investigation of Pollutant Plumes Above Cities
LIM, Chee Fong

Characterisation of Mechanical Properties of Human Bones - Confidential for a period of 5 years

LING, Martin Chaos and Statistical Analysis of Parkinson’s Disease in the Sub Thalamic Nucleus
MARCEL, Sam Investigation of Engine Noise Propagation through Ship Hull Structure using SEA
McDONALD, Gordon James Experimental Investigation of Non-Equilibrium Radiation Heating in Atmospheric Entry
MITCHELL, Aaron James Pitting Corrosion Characterisation in Beams using Guided Waves
MODOLO, Carl Anthony An investigation into Alternative Fuels for Compression Ignition Engines in Australia
MORGAN, James Peter Numerical Simulations of Free-Piston Shock Tunnel Operation Space
MUNRO, John Kenneth Measurement of Total Temperature in Short Duration Facilities
NARAN, Jayesh Caleb Design of an Ultra-Light, Manned Ornithopter with Low Flap Frequency

An Investigation and Analysis of Adhesively Bonded Scarf Joints - Confidential for a period of 10 years

OH, Heon Seock Investigation of Technical Limitations and Problems into Underground Coal Gasification
ONG, Chin Shi Improving Methods for Aerospace Top Coat Adhesion Testing
OSBORNE, Timothy Mark Investigating the Effects of Humidity on Wheel Squeal in Trains
PACK, Samuel Jay Skin Friction Reduction in a Scramjet Engine Using Hydrogen Combustion
PANCHO, Rhon Michael Design and Construction of a Scaled Cooling Tower
PASSMORE, Samantha Leonie Lifetime Prediction of Photo-Oxo-Degradable Film for Sustainable Packaging and Agricultural Applications
PEARSE, Brian Analytical Analysis of Metal Oxides used in a Chemical Looping Combustion System
PINDER, Glenn Anthony Investigation of Performance Loss Resulting from Running Compact Heat Exchangers at Reduced Capacities using ASPENTech Software and Analytical Theory
PLOHL, Shane Andrew Formula SAE Powertrain Analysis and Development
PREECE, William Oliver Effects of Surface Treatment on the Properties and Interface Effects of Starch/Hemp Biocomposites
PREKEL, Martin Temporal Distribution of CO2 Emissions and Material Substitutions in Trains
RAMLI, Mohd Shamsul Ariffin Dimethyl Ether Combustion in a Conventional Diesel Engine: Safety Issues and Test Standards
RATNAM, Demos Mercei Development of Standards and Procedures for Performance Testing of DME Fuelled Diesel Engine
RUSLI, Muhammad Ilmam Aizat Investigations of Castor Fibre Characterisation for the Use in Fibre Reinforced Plastics
SANDERS, Luke Dane CFD Modelling of CO2 Plumes from a Commercial Scale Mosquito Trap
SANTHERAN, Lavania Malar Application of Nanofluids in Heat Exchangers
SCHMIDT, Cameron Douglas Aeroelastic Analysis of Flutter in Helicopter Rotor Blades with a Comparison to the Effect in Fixed Wing Aircraft
SIEW, Kam Soon Net-Shape Forming of Aluminium Automotive Components from Powder Metallurgy Processing
SINGLE, Benjamin Vallack Development of a Compact Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Launcher
STEWART, Cameron James CFD Analysis of a Gliding Ram-Air Parafoil
STREET, Andrew Nicholas Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines as a Residential-Scale Decentralised Energy Supply for South East Queensland
SUBRAMANIAM, Senthilgumar Chemical Looping Processes for Carbon Capture
SUNDARAM, Brruntha Large Eddy Simulation of a Lifted Hydrogen Flame in a Vitiated Coflow
TOPP, Matthew Colin Generation of Rarefied, Hypervelocity Flow in the X3 Expansion Tube
VAHNALINGAM, Linggesh Metal Oxide for Use in Chemical Looping Combustion
VAN DER HEIJDE, Martin James Vibration Isolation of a Single Cylinder Engine
VAN PARIDON, Andrew Aerodynamic Analysis of a Free-Flying Scramjet Using CFD
WAN HARITH, Wan Mohd Khairi Development and Testing of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Particles
WAN, Jiechen Preparation of Calcium-Based Sorbent Particles Using Granulation Techniques
WEBB, Joshua Paul Effect of Mechanical Design on MEMS Structural Performance
WITT, Mitchell Loye The Feasibility of Solar Trigeneration as a Decentralised Energy Source in Rural Queensland
YANG, Kai-Rui Development of Al-AlN Composites
ZHU, Timothy Weijian Choosing the Best Working Fluid for a Geothermal Heat Pump System for Australia

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ARMSTRONG, Sam The Feasibility of Regenerative Braking in Lightweight Vehicles
ASPINALL, Daniel Nonlinear Analysis of the Millipede Former Prototype II
The Nanopatch: from Mouse Ear to Human Skin - Confidential for a period of 10 years
BECK, Julius The Optimisation of the Power Cycle for Solar and Geothermal Hybrid Power Generation
BOVELL, Michael Crystal Structure Determination of ZnS Nanowires
BOWTELL, Timothy Mechanical Steering Mechanism for a Three-Wheeled Narrow Tilting Vehicle
BRESLIN, Simon Potential Long Range Flight Trajectories & Their Vehicle Performance Requirements
BRIMBLECOMBE, Joshua Nocturnal Cooling Tests
BRODRIBB, Alice The Evaluation of Faults and Subsequent Redesign of Lime Dosing Systems in Advanced Water Treatment Plants
BULL, Georgina Estimation of Performance of Radial Turbines for Geothermal Applications
CHAMBERS, Patrick Oxygen Separation Membranes for Oxy-fuel Coal Power Plants
CHEN, Zhen Feasibility Study and Design of the Fuel Delivery System for a DME Fuelled Diesel Engine
CHEUNG, Chi Ho Modelling the Lateral Dynamic Response of Railway Track
CHIKNAIKEN, Nick Coal Gasification and its Application
CHOU, Po-Shen Correlation Between Surface Free Energy and Adhesion Strength of Polymer Interfaces
CHRZANOWSKI, Damien Investigating the Biomechanical Effects of Ejecting at Hypersonic Speed
CLAREY, Kieran The Design, Construction and Testing of an Accurate Payload Delivery System for a UAV
COMINO, Alexander Effect of “Impact” on the Performance of White Cast Irons Relative to Low-Alloy Steels in Grinding Mills
COWDELL, Kelvin Alternative Transportation Fuels and Production Technologies for Australia
DAVIS, Brett Effect of Moisture Absorption on a Hemp Fibre Reinforced Starch Biocomposite
DE GUZMAN, Leonard Parameterisation of a Hypersonic Guided Missile
DE WEGER, David Impregnation and Consolidation Mechanisms In Processing of High Performance Thermoplastic Composites
DICKSON, Reece Prefeasibility of Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technology in Australia
DOBESON, Richard Alpha Case Formation and Prevention in Titanium Alloys
DOBINSON, Christopher Design, Manufacture and Testing of UAV Aircraft Fuselage
DOBLO, Nicholas Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Nb-Zr-Mo-Sn Alloy
DODDS, Adam Design of a Hydrogen Storage Vessel Utilising Solid Storage Media
EDWARDS, Glen Design of a Photovoltaic/Thermal Hybrid Concentrator for Residential Applications
EVANS, Courtney
Development of a Helicopter Tail Boom - Confidential for a period of 3 years
FAULKNER, Nicholas Practical Investigation of Metal Oxides for Use in Chemical Looping Combustion
FERGUSON, Thomas Small Satellite Separation from a Hypersonic Airbreathing Vehicle
FITZGERALD, Patrick Feasibility of Deep Underground Coal Gasification
FOLLETT, Aaron Life Cycle Analysis for Material Substitution and Hybrid-Electric Drive as a Means of Emissions Reduction in Cars
FOX, Bartholomew An Investigation into the Cooling Effect of Sprinklers in a Steel Structured Building in a Fire Situation
GRAHAM, Samuel Impact of International Trade on the Feasibility of a Nation Decoupling C02 Emissions from Economic Growth
GRAINGER, Alexander The Use of Diaphragms for Hypersonic Inlet Starting
GREGG, Jenni Optimisation of Wave Energy Generators
GUAN, Chunlin Technical and Economic Analysis of Solar-Assisted Air-Conditioning Systems
HALL, Benjamin Developing Solar Thermal Power
HALL, Robert Nuclear Fusion in a Cavitating Flow
HALLIDAY, Steven The Portable Shock Tube: Design, Construction and Implementation
HANHINIEMI, Daniel Nonlinear Analysis of Chaotic Hunting Behaviour in Railway Vehicles
HENDERSON, Michael CFD Study of Inflatable Surf Kites
HIBBERD, Ben Wear in Nanoclay Modified Polyurethane
HING, Yong Ching Characterization of Composite Sandwich Panels Manufactured Out of Autoclave
HITCHINS, James Design of a Portable Synthetic Cricket Pitches
HOOPER, Matthew The Computational Fluid Dynamics of a Swept Wing in Hypersonic Flow
HUGHES, William Carbon Capture and Storage Technology:  C02 Storage in Unmineable Coal Seams
ISMAIL, Sofia Acceleration Data Logger for Hypersonic Facilities
JEFFREY, Sean Investigation into Gearbox Failures
JIANG, Danni
Temporal Distribution of C02 Emissions and Power Plant Substitutions in Cars- Confidential for a period of 1 year
KELLER, Jonathan Engineering Method for Tsunami Mitigation: A CFD Analysis
KENNEDY, Susan Measuring the Quality of Adhesion of Thermoplastic Films to a Carbon Fibre Epoxy Composite using the Shaft-loaded Blister Test
KENT, David Impingement Abrasion Test Rig Design
KERR, Russell
An Investigation into an Alternate Propulsion System for Small Light Aircraf - Confidential
KINSELLA, Mark Optimising a Labyinth Heat Exchanger Through the Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics
LAMMAS, Christopher Lift and Drag Behaviour of a Highly Curved Inflatable Kite Using 3D CFD Analysis
LEE, Byung Hyun Alternate Transportation Fuels
LEE, Gyuhwang Critical Analysis and Comparison of Surface Coal Gasification and Underground Coal Gasification
LI, Chang Rui Modification of Diesel Engine for Dimethyl Ether (DME) Combustion and Testing System Assembly
LII, Benjamin Design and Manufacture of a Composite Monocoque Chassis
LIPPIATT, Nicholas Developing Biomimetic Process for Waterproofing Starch Polymer
LIU, Tom Cast Magnesium Alloys for Hydrogen Storage
LLOYD, Jared CFD Study on Surf Kites
MADDEN, Erin Zuni Multistaging:  Initial Concepts and Development
MARSHALL, Patrick Measurement of the Parallel Component of Force on a Rowing Blade
MARTINOVIC, Sasha Global Trends in Primary Energy Production, Consumption and National Growth
McDONALD, Erina Investigation of Natural Fibre-Phenolic Resin Composites
McLAREn, Liam Compressing Supercritical C02:  Industrial Applications and Considerations for a 50 Megawatt Power Station
MOHD SHAFIE, Ahmad Nasri Feasibility of Thin Film Gauges’ In-Situ Transient Calibration Methods for Heat Transfer Measurements in Flight
MORRISON, Brad Design of a Rail Corrugation Test Rig for Simulation of Cornering Conditions
MURRAY, Clare The Design of a Natural Draft Drying Cooling Tower
NEARHOS, Robert Reinforcing of Openings in Pressure Vessels under External Pressure
NG, Chong Khim Solar Thermal Power Cycle
NG, Junyi Development and Safe Handling of DME and DME Standards
NICOLAOU, Nektarios Effect of Starch Matrix on the Properties of Thermoplastic Starch-Cellulose Composites
PATTERSON, Neil Mechanical Analysis of a Three-Wheeled Narrow Tilting Vehicle Prototype
PEARSE, Brian Analytical Analysis of Metal Oxides used in a Chemical Looping Combustion System
Use of an ARC Furnace to Explore "Blue Sky" Alloy Additions to White Cast Irons - Confidential
PHAN, Phong
Performance Analysis of an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) System to Determine its Potential in Australia
PRELLER, Dawid Design, Modelling and Testing of UAV Flying Surfaces
PURDIE, VAUGHAN Developing a Portable Synthetic Pitch for Junior Cricket
RICHARDSON, Darcy Investigation into the Fluid Mechanics of Cyclones
RIESZ, James Development of Heat Exchangers for a Dimethyl Ether (DME) Fuelled Engine
ROBINSON, Joshua Reliablity Analysis of Hard Rock Crushing and Screening Plant
SAVERIN, Joseph Modelling and Nonlinear Analysis of Aircraft Wing Flutter Using a Compressible Flow Approximation
SCHARF, Julian Optimization of Coffee Machine Boiler Operation Using Numerical Methods
SHAROV, Nikita Drivetrain for Formula SAE Application
SMALL, Lachlan X-Ray Microanalysis of Ancient Roman Bronze Coins
STATHAM, David Recoil Dynamics and Damper Specifications for the T4 Shock Tunnel
SWAN, Brendan Integrating Clean Coal Technologies
TAN, Kian Hui Fabrication of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capturing Materials for Zero Emission Power Generation System
TAN, Wai Kit pH Swing Adsorption of C02
TEH, Kai Loong Sintering of Gamma Titanium Aluminides (?-TiAl)
THOMASSON, Samuel Assessment of Queensland‘s Underground Coal Gasification Resources
TOLEMAN, Thomas A Comparison of Two Aluminium Alloys Under Different Heat Treatment Conditions in Tension and Buckling
Studies on Biocrete- Confidential for a period of 7 years
TWOMEY, Braden Investigation of Metal Oxides and Optimum Conditions for Chemical Looping Combustion
VARGHESE, John Development of Melnikov Criteria for Chaos in a Fluttering Airfoil with Structural Nonlinearities
VEENSTRA, Nicholas Streaking in Anodized Aluminium Extrusions
VOS, Thomas The Feasibility of a Nocturnal Radiative Cooling and Thermal Storage System
WAN, Wai Kit Effect of Boron Additino on Performance of Sintered Ti-Fe Alloy
WISE, Dylan Three Dimensional Computational Modelling of Supersonic Flow around Non-Axisymmetric Vehicles
YEANG, Say Feng Application of Dimethyl Ether (Dme) in Internal Combustion Diesel Engine Via Development of Dimethyl Ether (Dme) Conversion Engine Testing Facilities and System
ZIEBARTH, Jackson The Effect of Moisture on the Performance of a Starch/Layered Silicate Nanocomposite

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ANDREWS, Stephen Winglet design considerations for modern general aviation aircraft
CAELERS, Stephen The method of characteristics for gas-dynamic flows with shocks
CALLIGEROS, Despina Review of reinforcement of pressure vessel openings under external pressure
CHEW, Weikang Stagnation point radiation measurement for re-entry heating
DENES, Aaron An investigation into using dehumidified air to reduce the cycle time of a transformer drying oven
DUNN, Adam Integrated performance and condition monitoring using predictive models
DUNPHY, Ryuichi Design of the mitigation strategy for future asteroid/comet impacts on earth
EVANS, Clayton Simulation of moon return conditions in expansion tubes
FREUND, Alexander A comparison of CFD models of hurricane-like flows with and without a no-slip boundary condition
GARRAD, Ian Die design for the millipede former
GORDON, Amanda An analysis of project management methods for use within Formula SAE teams - PDF copy not supplied
HALLAM, Michael Feasibility study of effective cooling methods in mining equipment tyres
HARBER, Daniel Evaluation of Inflatable Heat Shields for Spacecraft Re-Entry
HARRISON, Grant Homogeneous charge combustion
HEIJNEMAN, Jessica Bending behaviour of wrought aluminium alloys
HEIT, Richard Development of heat transfer gauges for hypersonic research
HOBMAN, Christopher Substitution of light weight alloys into vehicles to reduce emissions
HONG, Ziqiang Dynamic characteristics of piezoelectric actuator using laser Doppler vibrometer
HOO, Cheong Siong Decentralised renewable energy supply, sustainability
HORN, Steven Microstructure modification in model polymer nano-composite systems
HOSHI, Taiki Temporal distribution of CO2 emissions and material substitutions in cars
JARRETT, Daniel Analytical forces on a sailboat
JONES, Michael The vibration characteristics of piezoceramic transducers
KAYVAN, Nima Image processing and guidance of an autonomous search and rescue UAV
KHENG, Desmond Analysis and comparison between fuel cell and internal combustion engine vehicles
LAIRD, Jeames Optimisation of a solar-geothermal hybrid power plant
LAMB, Jason Desalination using direct geothermal heat
LEE, Yen Shen Catalysts for Dimethyl Ether (DME)
LEONG, Clement Producing hydrogen from seawater using solar energy
LEUNG, Ka Chun Measuring material interaction properties for DEM
LISTER, Joseph Evaluation of a solid bowl centrifuge by computational fluid dynamics
LIU, Xijing Gloria X-ray microanalysis of ancient roman bronze coins
LOW, Wei-Li Nathanael Testing of CO2 adsorbing materials for zero emission power generation systems
McINNES, Jarad Investigation of thermal and mechanical loading on geothermal well casings
McMahon, Benjamin The accurate deployment of sensitive payloads from low altitude UAV’s
MOBBS, Geoffrey Dimensionless parameter effects on the force coefficients of a rowing blade
MOHD SHAH, Azriff Shah Convective heat transfer of nano-fluids and factors of enhancement
NGAN, Julian T4 shock tunnel dynamics
NG, Hoong Lih Producing hydrogen from seawater
NIK ADNAN, Nik Mohd Farez Particle manufacturing techniques for carbon dioxide adsorbing materials
OHNUKI, Conrad Mechanical Properties of Natural Fibre Composites
PENDERGAST, Micah Engineering project management – A case study: Pine Rivers Shire Council strategic bikeway program
PETTY,David Parametric re-design of a Scramjet inlet
REIBELT, Nathan Net present value analysis in idler selection optimisation for design of overland conveyor systems
RUSSELL, Hugh The development of a lightweight impact hammer for heavy industry
RYAN, Timothy Multi-staging the Zuni Rocket: Part 1 – Project investigation and interstage development
SAYERS, Benjamin Imaging defects in anisotropic plates using ultrasonic beamforming
SCHWAB, Oskar Properties of starch based polymer nano-composites
SIMMONDS, Edward Ancient silver coins – Microanalysis and the economy
SIMMONDS, Timothy Simulation of heat transfer in flight, measured using thin film temperature gauges
STANNARD, Julian Design of a coil-over damper for use in formula-SAE applications
SU, Richmond Testing of CO2 adsorbing materials for use in zero emissions power generation systems
TAN, Hui Ni Catalytic combustion of methane
TAN, Wai Hoong Stainless steel deposition on mg alloys using kinetic metallization technology
TAYLOR, Jeremy Modelling the sound power level produced by crowds of people
TILLEY, Dale Conceptual study and design of a jet turbine test rig
WILLIAMS, Christopher CFD study of inflatable surf kites
WONG, Timothy A critical review of the environmental and economical issues of underground coal gasification
XIONG, Jun Dynamic characteristics and reliability of microstructures
YE, Renshun Enhanced oil recovery/CO2 extraction
YONG, Teo Kai The advantages and disadvantages of hybrid electric vehicle compare to conventional vehicle
ZAIDIN, Nur Aiza Retro-reflection study

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ANDERSON, Tristan Australia's Future Energy Portfolio: The Sustainability of Current Resources and an Investigation into Alternatives for the Future
BARKER, Sean The Effect of Mechanical Properties on the Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells using a Polyacrylamide Substrate
BETIA, Jeoffry Identification of a Suitable Facility Design for Fabrication of C02 Adsorbing Material
BUITER, Trevor Diaphragm Operational Systems Design on UQ Shock Tunnels
CARLE, Mitchell Bronze Roman Coins - X-Ray Analysis
CASTRO ORMENO, Jaime Bending Behaviour of Wrought A1 Alloys
CHAN, Hung Acoustic Impedance Tube - Two Microphone Method
CONRADI, Matthew Bronze Coin Image Analysis - Constantine I
DOHERTY, Luke Flowpath Design for a Dual Mode MACH5 Scramjet
DRAGUN, Nicholas Practical Analysis of Formula SAE Vehicle Suspension Modelling
DURKIN, Timothy Reducing CO2 Emissions in the Domestic and Small Business Sectors
EHM, Dane Infiltration Kinetics of Laser Sintered Aluminium
ERBACHER, Timothy Chrysler Valiant Front Suspension Design
FARRANT, Adrian Critical Review of In-Situ Leach Uranium Mining Practices
GIBBS, Bradley Spent Gas Handling for Expansion Tubes
GOH, Chuen Effect of Porous Media Properties on Movement of Underground Water
HANNEMANN, Bernard Application of the Ecological Footprint Tool in Engineering Education
HANSFORD, Tomas Implementation of Recursive Algorithms for Closed Loop Linkages
HEEREY, Andrew Momentum Losses in a Transfer Chute
HENRYS, Tara An Investigation into Nuclear Power, Renewables and Fossil Fuels for Australia's Future Electricity Generation
HOPKIRK, Shaun Effect of Boat Trim on the Drag of Racing Rowing Shells
JONES, Adam A Digital Data Acquisition System for the Hypersonics Research Facilities
KIRKWOOD, Ryan Towards a Body of Knowledge for Engineering Management
LAI, Steven Wear in Polyurethane Layered Silicate Nanocomposites
LIM, Andrew Simplified Modelling and Nonlinear Analysis of Aircraft Wing Flatter
McCOMBE, James Thermoelectric Micropower Generation and Design
McDONALD, Tymon Heat Transfer on Shuttle Leading Edge Repair During Reentry
MOSS, Shannon Gas Gun Experiments to Characterise Dynamic Rock Fracture
MYERSCOUGH, Stephen Water Use and Conservation in Queensland
NOORDERMEER, Matthew Surface Bnanocrystallisation and Surface Alloying of PureCopper
NOVIELLO, Daniel Investigation of Battle Damage in Helecopter Fuselage Sandwich Panels
OLD, Joshua Longwall Hydraulic Model
PARSONS, Joshua Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing of Fibre Reinforced Pressure Pipes
PORTER, Grant Wind Turbine Train Design
PURNELL, Christian Modelling Analysis and Redesign of Engine Systems for FSAE Application
REID, Lawson Design and Assembly of a Thermophotovoltaic Micropower Generator
REID, Sean Investigation of Dragline Bucket Instabilities
REYNOLDS, Sithu Engineering and Economics of Synthetic Fuels
ROESTORF, Revel Mechanical Behaviour of Thermoplastic Starch/PVOH Polymer Blends
RUHLE, William Mitigation of Torsional Stresses in Tillage Implements
RYAN, Jay An Investigation into Hurricanes and their Similarities to Spiral Galaxies - a Fluid Dynamics Perspective
SALEH, Danyal Optimisation of Compound Drivers for Expansion Tubes
SCHWARZ, Arman Sensor Design for Heat Flux Through Free Molecular to Continuum Flow Transition
TAN, Yean Joo Fabrication of Ca0 Based C02 Sorbent
TAN, Teck Wee Kinetic Studies of Chinchilla Coal
THOMAS, Oliver Redesign of X3 Expansion Tube
TOH, Lai Soon David Experimental study of Electrical Swing Adsorption of CO2
VAN DER WERF, Justine The Investigation of a Filtering System for Flow in Pipes
VASUDEVAN, Srijaidev Development of CFD Simulation for MEMS Microcombustors
WAGNER, Andrew BioMechanical Modelling of Cricket Fast-Bowling Action using MD.ADAMS

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ANG, Kok Hai Design and Fabrication of a Graphite Micro-Combustor for Micro - TPV System
ANTHONY, Kim Mark C02 Recovery by way of pH Swing
BAGNALL, James Hedley Numerical Analysis of Granular Flow in the Olds Elevator
BATTEN, Ross David The Mechanics of Human Speech
BOON, Christopher Daniel A Cornering Model of the Formula SAE Racecar
BROWN, Rhys Andrew Computer Control of Second Year Structures Practical
BUDDERY, Alexander John The Structure and Composition of Garfish Teeth and their Functional Relevance
BURROWS, Steven James An Investigation into the potential for Solar Energy to succeed the Fossil Fuel Super Power
BYRNES, Samuel Alexander The effect of Heat Treatment on the Bendability of Wrought Aluminium Alloys A12011 and A16061
CHAN, Yong Khang Wilson A Numerical Investigation of the Rupture of Pneumatic Lines in Aircraft Engines
CHIA, Loy Chuan Review of Micropower Devices and Efficiency Improvements
CHONG, Chee Hoong Influence of Pressure on Steam Gasification of Coal
CRAWFORD, Luke Crysallinity in Polyethylene Nanocomposites
D'ARCY, Mark Analytical Prediction of Rail Corrugation Growth from an Initial Random Profile
DAVEY, Michael Geoffrey A Hypersonic Nozzle from the X3 Expansion Tube
DENNIS, Timothy James pH Swing in Chemical Solvent CO2 Recovery
FARAGHER, Trent Morgan Reducing Australia's Environmental Impact through Ethanol Synergies
GABBEDY, Anna-Louise The Next Glacial Period: Abrupt Climate Change and Australia
HAINES, Peter Helicopter Reliability and Maintenance
HARBORD, Andrew Britain Development of the Cooling System for the Formula SAE Racecar
HAY, Katherine Analysis of Available Technologies for Extracting Alternative Underground Energy
IBRAHIM, Mohd Anua Underground Oil Shale
JAMES, Alan David Scramjet Combustion and Exhaust Flow Optimisation
JOHNSTON, Timothy George Failure Modes Exhibited by Dump Ropes on BMA Draglines
JONES, Amber Tegan Rose The Strength of Unsupported Selective Laser Sintered Aluminium Parts during Thermal Processing
JONES, Rhys Allan Recommissioning of a Gas Gun for Testing of Dynamic Rock Fracture
KIEW, Hongyu Edwin Review on the Effects of Pressure on Coal Hydrogasification
KIRBY, Benjamin Mark A Critical Review of Global Warming Literature Regarding Atmospheric Temperature Trends Obtained from Polar Orbiting Microwave Sounding Units
LEE, Jerry Increase Lifetime of Cold Forming Punch Using Abaqus
LEUNG, Hon Man Arthur Collaborative Environments for Student Teams
LI, JiaoJiao Andrea Modelling for Formula SAE Race Car using the ADAMS/car
LIM, Leng Kwon Experimental Study of Electrical Swing Adsorption of C02
LLOYD, Tane William Investigation of Tidal Energy for Future Power Generation
LOW, Ray Joon Densification Anomalies in Titanium Liquid Phase Sintering
LUSCOMBE, Glen Finite Element Modelling of Cold Roll Forming
MACINTOSH, Alexander Design of an Impingement Abrasion Test Rig
NELSON, Lachlan Ward Design of Rail Corrugation Test Rig for Cornering Conditions
NORVILL, Brett Formulation and Testing of Thermoplastic Starch and Cellulose Based Composites
O'NEILL, Justin Simon Investigation of Vaqua Wet Blastings as an Alternative Die Solder Removal Technique
PEACHEY, Alexander Robert Chaotic Bucket Motion during Dragline Slew
RAMSAY, Michael Robert Simulation of Chemical Kinetics in an Expansion Tube for Titan Entry Conditions
RANKINE, Benjamin Power Generation in the Australian Sugar Industry
RIGGS, Dale Analysis of the Side Guide and Actuator Brackets on the Australia Post FMOCR
ROBINSON, Dale Lee Improving the Friction Observer for the 2100BLE Electric Rope Shovel
SAUNDERS, Anna Elizabeth Renewable Energy in Remote Areas
STOKES, Paul Anthony Finite Element Welding Analysis of a Cold Rolling Process
THO, Daniel Reuben Fracture Toughness of Polyethylene Nanocomposites
THOMSON, Kenneth David Design of a Test Rig to Measure Rowing Blade Forces
TULLY, Brett James CFD Analysis of Water Rocket Flight Trajectories
WEIBLER, Liam Michael Study of Heat Transfer for Planetary Re-Entry in Multiple Atmospheres
WILLIAMS, Kylie Louise Investigation of Sound Transmission through Floors: A Correlation of Data
WOODROW, Rowan Max Design Optimisation of a Two-Story Cattle Loading Ramp for Increased Loading Efficiency
WU, Wayne Simulation of Particle Flow Using the Discrete Element Method
YANG, Ming Chieh Sugar as a Potential Energy Source
YAP, Darren Kai Chao Capture of Carbon Dioxide via Melting Point Swing (MPS) Absorption Using Salt Hydrates

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ALLAN, Robert Michael Development of a Full Car Suspension Model
AYOB, Mohamad Adnan Effects of Ratio of Specimen Size: Grain Size (d/d) on the Irreproducible of Proof Stress Data
BATEMAN, Luke Matthew Investigation into a Monocoque Chassis for Formula SAE
BERMINGHAM, Michael John The Effect of Modification on the Corrosion of Hypoeutectic Al-Si-Cu and Al-Si-Mg alloys
BRADDOCK, Alastair Stacey Design of a New Quality Management System for Copperform Pty Ltd
BRUCE, Natasha Ann Ultrasonic Crack Detection in Beams
CAMERON, Tyrone Robert The Design, Construction and Flight Test of the Structural, Fuel, Stability and Recovery System for a Mach 2 Free-flying Ramjet
CAREY, Matthew John Rotating Valve Cylinder Head for a Conventional Four-stroke Engine
CHEN, Chris Chia-Ti Design of a Mechanism to Combat the Formation of Rail Corrugations
CHOO, Wei Hsien Development of CFD Capability for the Calculation of Compressible Flow in Complex, Three-Dimensional Geometries
CHOO, Jamie Gok Ming The Design of an Optimised Microprocessor Heatsink
CHUA, Yam Kwang A Microreactor for Hydrogen Production in Micro Fuel Cell Applications
CHYE, Qua Toong Reliability of Roller Bearings in Pumps
CREAGH, Michael Alexander Development of a Turbo-charged Engine for Formulae SAE
CUNNINGHAM, Jessie Concepts in Climate Change
DINGLE, Jonathan Investigation of Efficiency and Shock Waves in Crowd Flow
DO, Chau Investigating the Dynamic Response of Railway Cornering
DRYNAN, David Patrick The Parachute Recovery System Design for the AUSROC 2.5 Rocket
DSOUZA, Mary Gulrukh Hybrid Rocket Design Concepts and Development Techniques
FANTON, Ian Design of a Test Rig to Measure Rowing Blade Forces
FARAGE, Catherine Louise Microstructural Image Analysis of Fuel Cell Components
FFROST, Timothy James Design of a Low Pressure Condensing Turbine for Energy Recovery in Sugar Mills
FLACK, Joseph Robert The Aerodynamic Performance of a Winggrid
FLICK, Jason Roger Damage Identification in Beams using Acousto-Ultrasonics and Artificial Neural Networks
FOO, Fun Tek Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids
FOSTER, Robert Aaron Preliminary Design and CFD Analysis of a Solid Propellant Gas Generator
FOX, Richard Thomas Preliminary Design of a Tidal Current Power Generator
FREAKLEY, Craig Stephen Design, Construction and Flight Test of the Inlet and Electronic Ignition System for a Mach 2 Ramjet
GOLDSWORTHY, Mark Jared Geometric Simplifications to CFD Models of Fire and Smoke Movement
HASSAN, Shahuzan Ocean Energy Generation for a Remote Island
HATELEY, Mark Lawrence Chaotic Instability in the Motion of a Dragline Bucket
HE, Tao Tao Design and Development of a Hybrid Rocket
HEDDITCH, Michael Finite Element Analysis of Rubber Pad Bending
HELLIS, Leigh Philip A Comparison between the Particle Flux
Method and other CFD Methods
HYDE, Lauren Elizabeth Man, Mars and Aerocapture
JACOBS, Carolyn Marie A Comparison of Turbulence Model Results with DNS for Smooth and Stepped Rotating Cylinder Electrodes
JADROVSKI, Kristian Design of a Dragline Drag Rope Cleaning System
KILPATRICK, Rhys James Feasibility Study of an Alternative Design for a Self-bunded Hydrocarbon Storage Tank
KOCAJ, Eric Paul Dieless Forming
LAU, Alvin Teck Hui Capture of Carbon Dioxide via Melting Point Swing (MPS) Method Using Salt Hydrates
LEE, Kwong-Meng Joseph Thermodynamic Studies of the Removal of H2S and HCI from Syngas
LIM, Jean-Hoe Owen The Definitive Study of Acoustic Absorption Measurement (Impedance Tube)
MANN, Taranveer Singh Reliability of Polymers in Motor Vehicle Applications
MATSUDA, Yukiyo Possible Engineering Futures, Professional Practice and Education: A Critical Review
MAYERS, Adam Christopher A Method for the Calibration of Fast Response Radiation Heat Transfer Gauges
McDONALD, Patrick George Development of a Formula SAE Racecard Model using ADAMS
MISTRI, Prashant Jagdish Spatial Wavelet Vibration Method for Laminar Defect Detection in Composite Beams
MOHAMED-ALI, Hasfuan The Effect of Particle Size on the Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene Nanocomposites
MOLLER, Benjamin Ross Analysis of the Worldwide Reserves of Unconventional Oils to Determine their Practical Use
MORRISON, Matthew Konrad Investigation of Initial Rail Profiles for Simplified Rail Corrugation Growth Prediction Model
MORTIMER, Joseph Samuel The Future of Transportation Fuels: An Australian Perspective
NG, Jin Boon Jeremy Fire Safe Deadlock
OBERHOLLENZER, Sandra Anna Design and Development of a Hybrid Rocket
OH, Jack Sze Effects of Pressure on Coal-Char Gasification
ONG, Henry Measuring the Threshold Stress for SCC in Cast Mg-Alloys
PEKIN, Cameron James A Technological Review of Underground Coal Gasification Including a Critical Analysis of Related Environmental Issues
PERUMAL, Marc Jarrod pH Swing Absorption of CO2
PETERSON, Brett Damian Scramjet Inlets with a Rectangular to Circular Shape Transition
PIRLO, Adam The Development of a Polymer Wear Package for the CAT 793C Read Dump Haul Trucks at Curragh North Coal Mine
PITMAN, Christopher Leslie Design, Construction and Flight Test of the Combustion Chamber and Nozzle for a Mach 2 Ramjet
POTTER, Daniel Felix Superorbital Flows of a Jovian Test Gas in an Expansion Tube
PROUT, Andrew Stephan Ethanol and Internal Combustion Engines, Issues and Wear
RANDALL, Geoffrey Stuart A Preliminary Study into the Sinterability of Pressed Titanium Powder
RAVENTOS, Alex CFD Study of a Windsurf Mast/Sail Geometry
REDDEL, John William Energy Optimisation of an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Station Employing Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
SAMPSON, Jarrod Controlled Airbag Vent Rupture for the Mars Gravity Biosatellite Program
TAI, Harry Chang-Hui The Combination of Two Identical GPS Receivers
TAN, Jeck-Liang Julian Methanol Synthesis from Underground Coal Gasification
TAN, Soon Heng Francis Acoustics - The Definitive Study of Acoustic Absorption Measurement (Small Reverberation Chamber)
TAN, Wee Chun Screening of C02 Absorbing Materials for C02 Capture
TAUFATOFUA, Pita Nikolas Small Scale Electricity Generation Using Wave Energy
TNG, Adam Reliability-centred Maintenance and its Application to Longewall Mining
WALKER, Carl Nicholas Design of an Automated Folding Machine
WEST, Michael John Investigation of Viktor Schauberger's Vortex Engine
WIX, Thomas Richard Experimental Determination of Mass Flow through Submerged Cavitating Water Jet
WONG, Fui Han Automatic Car Washing Machine
WONG, Louis Chee Liong Definitive Study of Acoustic Absorption Measurement (Large Reverberation Chamber)
WONG, Reno Ling Bong Modeling of Combustion in a Microchannel
WONG, Rockney Lok-Lai Turbulent Jet Flow Modeling using Stochastic Particles Method
YEH, Simon Chi-Wei Test Rig Design for Mars Gravity Biosatellite Entry, Descent and Landing System
YEUNG, Chin-Ip Aries Surface Modification of Magnesium Alloys
YONG, Kok Leong Effects of Precipitation Parameters on CaC03 Particle Size
YU, Po Yang Paul CO2 Capture Through the Use of Electrically Regenerable Carbon Based Materials

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ANDERSEN, Peter Economic Lot-Sizing
ANDREWS, Steven Airbag Impact Attenuation and Deflation Modelling
ARBUTHNOT, Mark On the Principles of Reliability Centred Maintenance and its Application
ATHERDEN, Michael Formula SAE Shock Absorber Design
BAILLIE, Brendon Development and Commissioning of an Experimental Apparatus Used for the Investigation of Rail Corrugation
BAKER, Michael & SMITH, Chris Development of a Parachute Deployment Mortar for the Mars Gravity Biosatellite Program
BESLEY, Cliff & HORWILL, Chris Development and Testing of a Static Hybrid Rocket
BIRT, Rory The Use of Technology in South-East Queensland Manufacturing
BLESSING, Jonathan Peter Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Formula SAE Chassis, with Recommendations for Future Design Iterations
BLUNDELL, Nathan James Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis of Mobile Mining Equipment within a Reliability Centred Maintenance Program
BRADY, Matthew Information Seeking Behaviour of Science & Engineering, Students & Professionals
CHAN, Patrick Yew Cheong On the Dynamics of Bells
CHANG, Aloysius Tornadoes in the Atmosphere Characteristics and Factors Affecting Size
CHAU, Steven Solidification of Metals under Microgravity
CHONG, Soo Fern Development and Implementation of a Data Manager for Hypersonics
CHUA, Edmund Application of By-Product Synergy: Case Study of Waste Tyre
CORBETT, Joshua Extending the Tunnel Data Browser for Heat-Transfer Calculations
DANN, Andrew Inlet Design for a Mach 2 Pulse Detonation Engine
DAWSON, Nicholas James A Study of the Design of an Automated Phasing Cylinder Test Rig
DENNIS, Christopher Coupled Hypersonic Flow Analysis for Mars Gravity Biosatelite
DINH, Ian Design of Main Parachute Recovery System for AUSROC2.5 Rocket
DOOLAN, Scott The Evaluation of Material Requirements for and Manufacturing of, the Bodywork of a Formula SAE Vehicle
GLENN, Christopher Design of an Ignition System for a Mach 2 Pulse Detonation Engine
GORDON, Christopher Glenn Investigation and Design of a High Precision Camera Mount for Applications in Digital Photogrammetry
GRAHAM, Samuel Jonathon Formula SAE Cooling System Design and Construction
HALL, Andrew Wave Propagation in Damaged Beams
HANCOCK, Cathy Integrating Sustainability Objectives in Mechanical Design
HAWKINS, Timothy Determination of Residual Stresses in Shrink Fits Using Non-Linear Wave Propagation Techniques
HII, Sung The Performance of Heat Pipes for the Cooling of Instrumentation Packages
HILL, Rebecca Multi-Variable Feedback: Tools to Monitor and Improve the Performance of Rope Shovel Operators
HILTON, Matthew Design of a Fuel System for a Mach 2 Pulse Detonation Engine
HOWARD, Justin Hyshot Launch Risk Hazard Analysis
JONES, Emily Sustainability Development Indicators and the Renewable Energy Industry
KAGAWA, Kyosuke Studies on Warranty
KHOO KOAY, Gim Hong Improvement of Efficiency in Biomass Power Generation
KIMMERLY, Eddie Scramjet Modeling Employing Boundary Layer Combustion of Hydrogen to Reduce Drag
KOH, Desmond Boon Siong Inventory Management
KOH, Andy Siew Wah Calibration and Improvement of a Force Balance
LANKINEN, Justin Testing of the Reliability and Performance of the Joy 250 LPM Yield Valve Via Experimental Analysis
LATHER, Peter Plymouth Brake Optimisation
LAU, Danny Keng Shek Evaluation of Laminar Defects in Fibre-Reinforced Beams
LAY, Shaun Modelling of the UQ Formula SAE Vehicle During Longitudinal Acceleration to Optimise Launch and Traction Control and Gear Change Timing
LEE, Gaun Kai Reliability Study of Distributed Systems
LEE, Sze Chiang An Efficient Air-conditioning System for Future Homes
LEUNG, Kathy Yuen-Ki Fuel Injection Design and Data Acquisition of a Mach Two Free Flying Ramjet
LIM, Colin Cyclones, Tornado and Hurricane
LORD, Matthew University of Queensland Microgravity Drop Tower: Design of a Fairing to Improve Drag Shield Aerodynamics
LUM, Chan Theng Cleaning Technologies of Synthesis Gas
MacGINLEY, Tamara The Method of Characteristics for Gas Dynamic Flows with Shocks
MAH, Kin Onn Application of Through Transmission Ultrasonics to Determine the Moisture Front in Mortar
MANDERSON, Daniel Rupture of Tyres on Large Mining Vehicles: Physics and Consequences
MARRON, Jonathan Australian Wind Energy Futures
MARTYN, Michael The Inlet Design and Static Stability of a Mach 2 Free Flying Ramjet
McGRUER, Benjamin Aerodynamics of the Mars Gravity Biosatellite Re-entry Vehicle
MITCHELL, Joshua Ignition and Data Acquisition Systems for a Mach 2 Solid Fuel Ramjet
MORGAN, Simon Design of a Release Mechanism for a Microgravity Drop Tower
MYERS, Nicholas Drivestrain Design, Testing and Development of the 2003-04 Formula SAE Vehicle
NGOH, David Ban Ching Evaluation of Corrosion Film Strength using Acoustic Emission
ONG, Kim Beng Wear Resistance of Polyurethane Nanocomposites
OGSTON, Timothy Integrating Sustainability Aspects into the Early Stages of The Value Engineering Methodology
PLANITZ, Anton Aerodynamic modelling and redesign of the Bell-47 helicopter cabin
PLOUFFE, Michael Under-Tray Design for Aerodynamic Gain
REITERMEIER, Monare Lean Production and its Application in the Aerospace Industry
RICHARDS, Jonathon Analysis of Experimental Data of the X3 Expansion Tube
SCOTT, Josh Viability of Underground Coal Gasification in Australia for Gas-to-Liquid Production
SERRA, Andrew Peter Design of a Safe and Economical Way to Store and Transport Hydrogen Gas Commercially
SMITH, Logan Separation System Design and Recovery System Design of a Mach Two Free Flying Ramjet
TAN, Jasper Chien Huei Industrial Ecology Principle Applied to Industrial Park
TAN, Kenneth Effect of a Filler Percentage on Polyethylene Nanocomposites
TAN, Sui Yong Hydrogen Production From Biomass
TAN, Ti Howe Jason A Review of Hydrogen Research and Development
TEO, Keng Hian Fracture Toughness of Exfoliated Polyethylene Nanocomposites
TETT, Benjamin Design, Build and Testing of the Structural System for a Solid Fuel Ramjet
TO, Tuan A. AUSROC2.5 Drogue Parachute Recovery System
TOWSEY, David Design and Optimisation of a Mach 10 Expansion Nozzle
TURNER, James Combustion Chamber Design for a Mach 2 Pulse Detonation Engine
VAN DIEM, Dwight Design, Build and Testing of an Intake System for a Solid Fuel Ramjet
VENN, Christopher Preventative Solution for the Cracking of the Caribou Horizontal Stabilizer Outriggers
WILLIAMS, Sian Theoretical Model of an Airlift Pump
WILLIAMSON, Kate Communication and Knowledge Management with the University of Queensland Formula SAE Team
WOOD, Dominic Equipment and Process Availability at the QNI Refinery
WU, Hazel FMECA of Coal Preparation Plant Equipment using RCM Principles
YARRANTON, Beau Multi-Stage Rocket Design
YIP, Andy Combustor and Nozzle Design of a Mach 2 Free Flying Ramjet
ZANDER, Fabian Design and Implementation of a Fuel System for a Supersonic Solid Fuel Ramjet
ZEIRZER, Robin Review and Critical Analysis of Underground Coal Gasification

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ALEXANDER, Paul Comparison of Suspension Systems on a Morris Mini
AMID SELAMAT, Muhammed Naguib Investigation of Bathtub Vortex Flow Pattern
BERNARDO, Michael Application of Through Transmission Ultrasonics to Determine the Moisture Content in Concrete
BLORE, Clive Alan Prelimary Design of a Ferrous Foundry
BRANDIS, Aaron Simulation of Aerocapture in Expansion Tubes
BROOKS, Edward Impact Testing to Identify the Cracking Behaviour of the Dry Shells in a Variety of Nuts
BURT, Daniel Formula SAE Suspension Design
CHANG, Charles CFD Simulation and Optimization of the Restrictor of a Formula SAE Vehicle
CHATTERJEE, Wayne The Development of a Design Resources Portal Aligned with Student Requirements: Design Surfer Plus
CHEE, Bernard Woon Siong Investigation of Polyurethane Nanocomposite for Spinal Disc Prosthesis
CHOO, Jason Chin Tung Effect of Temperature and Moisture on the Properties of Polyurethane Nanocomposites
COMMINS, George Design of an Electronic Shifting System for a Formula SAE Vehicle
CURRIE, David James Crashworthiness of a Racing Car Vehicle using MSC. Visualnastran 2002 Professional
DAHMS, Matthew Stochastic Modeling of Combustion Reaction Rates
DELLIT, John Gordon Traversing Mechanism for Wind Tunnel Cascade Module Pressure Probe
DOODY, Patrick John Design and Experimental Evaluation of an Aerodynamic Package for a Formula SAE Vehicle
DOWLING, Adam Finite Element Analysis of a Bell 47 Main Rotor Blade
DOYLE, Gregory Functional Enhancement of the Mine Site Water Truck
EBERSBACH, Stephan Desalination of Seawater for the Irrigation of Inland South-East Queensland
EGERTON, Alyssa Bioimpedance Analysis to Measure Fluid Shifts in Microgravity
FENTON, Andrew Aerodynamic Stability and Trajectory Analysis of a Single Stage Rocket Motor
FOLEY, Thomas Improving the Reliability of GPS Receivers through the use of Inertial Aiding
FOO, Hui Ping The Directivity Properties of Trumpets
GARCIA, Jason Software Development for the Three Dimensional Laser Scanning Unit
GARDINER, Joel Flow Optimisation in Expansion Tubes
HOFMEISTER, Hugh Induced Drag Reduction through the use of a Winggrid Wingtip
JEE, Sern Hung End-of-Life Prediction of Satellites based on Fuel Slosh Response
JOHNSTON, Michael Peter Implementing Setup Time Reduction on CNC Lathes at PTE Hydraulics
JONES, Renee Elizabeth Modelling Fifth Octave Rolling Mill Chatter
JUMA'AT, Norliza Binte Ultrasonic Evaluation of Timber Characteristics
KILLORAN, Christopher Investigation of Accelerometer-Based Methods for Measuring Forces on Models in Shock Tunnels
KOH, Yong-Hong Effect of Processing on Clay Exfoliation in Polyethylene based Nanocomposites
LANG, Manus CO2 Breathing Ramjet
LAU, David Ben An Investigation of the Moving Particle Finite Element Method
LAW, Tian We Fatigue Failure of NQ Drill Pipe
LISTER, Christopher Electronic Brake-by-wire
LOH, Mei En Dorcas Characterization of Fatigue Cracks in Steel Bars
LOUGHNAN, Matthew Automatic Extrusion Cutter
LYNCH, Matthew The X3 Primary Piston Buffer
MARTIN, Christopher Development of a Graphical User Interface for the MB_CNS CFD Code
MENDEZ, Alfredo Experimental Analysis of a Bell 47 Main Rotor Blade
MOHAMED, Mahathir Bin Abdullah, Hyder Analysis of Core Production in a Non Ferrous Foundry
Mohamed Redza bin
Transfer Characteristics of Piezoelectric Transducer Systems for Non-Destructive Testing: Comparisons of Experiment and Simulations
McCALLUM, Andrew The Feasibility of Using Carbon Dioxide as an Automotive Air-Conditioning Refrigerant
NG, Shirley Mei Yoke Survey of Noise Generated in Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
O'FLAHERTY, Brendan Optimisation of a Linear Engine for the Mitigation of Coal Mine Methane
ONG, Chor Tian The Effect of Nanosized Clay Additions to the Fatigue and Fracture Behaviour of Rotational Moulding Grade Polyethylene
OVERELL, Peter Numerical Simulation of Rarefied Flow over a Hemispherical Body using Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method and the Investigation of Correlation Parameters to Define the Flow
PANITZ, Kenneth Peter Application of Information Technology to Embed Quality in Construction Projects
PANNELL, Dean Design and Development of a Hybrid Rocket Engine
PEARSON, Justin Recognition of Undesirable Dragline Operator Practices for the Advanced Duty Detection System
PIENAAR, Gregory Using Neural Networks to Discriminate Different Machine Behaviour States
ROGERS, Joshua Development of a System to Obtain Force Curves in a Rowing Eight
ROHDE, Andrew Hugh An Experimental Study of Structural Wave Behaviour at Simple Geometric Defects
SHULEY, Vincent Investigation of Slew Ring Bolt Failures on an RH200 Hydraulic Excavator
SNEDDON, Cameron Scott Implementing a Quality Management System Within a Production Testing Environment
SNEKKEVIK, Robert Modifying Manufacturing Processes for the Production of Fibre-Reinforced Cement Pipes
TANG, Joseph Chee Numerical Study of a Re-Entry Capsule
TANG, Samuel Chei-Kit Resources for Green Design and Sustainability in Mechanical Engineering
TANNER, Stuart The Effect of Turbine Cooling on the Performance of a Turbojet Engine
TAY, Michael Kiah The Effect of Exfoliation on the Yield Behaviour of Polyethylene in Nanocomposites
TEO, Chun Nee Evaluation of Corrosion Film Strength using Acoustic Emmission
VENNIK, Jai Preliminary Analysis of Trajectory, Rocket and Flight Vehicle Configurations for Horizontal Free-Flight Scramjet Testing
WALLS, Liam David Test Rig Design for Simulation and Identification of Rail Corrugation
WARD, Nicholas Rhys Design Finalisation of the UQ Reduced Gravity Facility
WEIR, Timothy Ross Analysis of the Forces Experienced in the Leg of Cricket Fast Bowlers
WILLIAMS, Thomas Air Conditioning an Electric Vehicle with an Electrically Driven Variable Speed Compressor
WINDOW, Adriaan A Trajectory and Dispersion Sensitivity Analysis of the Mars Gravity Biosatellite Entry Capsule
WONG, Eck Hin Classification of Rotten Eggs using Experimental Modal Analysis
WU, James Yan-Bing CFD Simulation of Flow over an inclined von Karman Ogive Body

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ALLWOOD, Andrew Development of a Direct Contact Heat Exchanger using Phase Change Materials
ANG, Chiean Lee Elevated Temperature Properties of Polyethylene (PE) and Polyethylene (PE) nanocomposites
BARLOW, Sophie Jane Devising Improved Maintenance Strategies for Centrifugal Pumps at BP Bulwer Island Refinery
BASNAYAKE, Tharanga The Design of a Brake System for the Application in an Open Wheeled Racecar
BECKMAN, Robert John Improvement of Manufacturing Performance at Superior Equipment
BEWS, Matthew Gene Experimental Camshaft Design for FSAE Racing
BRAMMER, Henry Paul Aerodynamics of a Race Car
BROWN, Cameron David Design, Build and Test of a Longwall Armoured Face Conveyor
BUTLER, Meghan Therese Equilibrium Thermo-Chemical Models for High Temperature Gas Dynamics
CARLISLE, Emma Jane The SCRAM Project - Small Chamber Reverberant Absorption Measurement
CASEY, Mark Andrew The Integration of Global Positioning System (GPS) data and Inertial Navigation System (INS) data to determine the Navigation State
CHENG, Ching Yuan Tom Design Decision History Using Model-Based Design
CHEONG, Hock Leng Drag Coefficients in Rarefied Flow
CHIA, Teck Yak Experimental Investigation of Bathtub Vortex Using Particle Image Velocimetry
CHIANG, Lead Tao Warranty Management: A Product Life Cycle Approach
CHOW, Kum Thong Bernard Experimental Investigation of a Bathtub Vortex Using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
CHUA, Phen Hian Kenneth Development of Computer Controlled Practicals in Ultrasonics
CHURCH, Steven Dennis James Using a Personal Computer for the Purposes of Machine Condition Monitoring
CLARK, Matthew Leigh Developing a Standard Payload Module for the Zuni Rocket
COLLINS, Patrick Analysis of Longwall Machinery Maintenance Data
COOK, Samuel Joseph High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline Depressurisation, Repressurisation and Temperature Effects
COURTENAY, Sara Dawn Design, Construction and Testing of Solar Collector with Thermal Storage Capability
DENMAN, Andrew Willem A Numerical Investigation of Radius Ratio Effects on Taylor-Couette Flow
DZIEDZIC, Eugene Undergraduate Professional Writing Requirements for Mechanical Engineers: A Comparative Study
ELLESIA, Lawrence Raj Analysis of the Pressure Waves Within the Plenum Chamber and at the Exit Nozzle of a Pulsed-jet Facility
EVANS, Francis Martin Design of an Inlet Manifold for a Formula SAE Vehicle, Including Experimental Evaluation
FENNING, Mark Christopher Driveshaft and Drivetrain Development of the Formula SAE Vehicle
FERGUSON, Alexander Investigation of Pulsed-Jet Flow-Stream Calculations by the Method of Point Vortices
FRISCH, Paul Edward Rainflow Analysis
HANCOCK, Bree Johan Technical Implications of the Kyoto Agreegment for the Australian Minerals and Energy Industry
LAW, Kok Hern The Liquid Piston Stirling Engine
LEE, Eng Joe Investigation of Flkame Speed in Premixed Combusion
LEWIS, Nathan John The Simulation of Planetary Aerocapture
LIN, Kao Shien Risk Management in Manufacturing
MILFORD, Michael John Noisy Spectra Recognition Using a Single-Layer Perceptron Neural Network
MILLS, Adam Robert Black-Box Component Reliability Modelling and Optimal Maintenance Considerations for Service Contracts
NG, Kee Hou Charles Measurements of Thermal Wake Behinda a Heated Cylinder with its Axis Inclined to the On Coming Flow
ONG, Meng Kit Mechanical Properties of Corrosion Films
OWENS, Llewellyn Lee Thermodynamic Analysis of a Modern Forced Circulation Water-Tube Boiler
PATMAN, Nicholas Allan Design System for the University of Queensland's 2003 Formula SAE Chassis
PECK, Wei Yeong Bryan Mean Velocity and Turbulence Measurements in a Pulsed Jet Using PIV
RASMUSSEN, Andrew Scott Three Dimensional Laser Scanning Unit
RISELEY, Christopher Mark Suspension Optimisation of the 2001 University of Queensland Formula SAE Race Car
ROBERTSON, Will Peter Experimental Analysis of a Duel-Fuel Internal Combustion Engine
ROBINS, Rowena Francesca Application of the Discrete Element Method for the Prediction of Wear Rates
SHAKHOVSKOY, David Paul Manual Handling and Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment at the Amcor Flexibles Manufacturing Plant
SINGARAM, Raginekanth Calculation of the Internal Combustion Engine
STEPHENSEN, Drew James Controlling Skin Friction by Boundary Layer Combustion
STONIER, Grant Matthew Dynamical Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Instabilities in Nano-Devices
SUGIANTO, Margareta Risk Management in Project Management
SUVOROVS, Terese Xerogel Film Formation
TAN, Yan Yee Kenneth Evaluation of Pressure Sensors for Speech Pathology Electropalatography Device
THOMPSON, Simon David Automated Report Generator for Jet Engine Components
TOMASEL, Jordan Improving Machine Changeovers: A Case Study
TSUI, Chun-Man Robotic Automation in Bed Foundation Spring Package
VAN HATTEM, Rebecca Faye Phase Change Material Thermal Storage for Gas Turbines
WEYERS, Beau Hydrogen Driver Gas in the X3 Shock Tunnel
YOW, Chong Weng Fluid Flow in Atmospheric Vortices

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AINSBURY, Matthew Paul Computational Investigation of Erosion-Corrosion in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Final Headers of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
ALEKSIUK, Rafal Development of 3D Modelling Software and Force Sensing Equipment for Speech Pathology's Electropalatograph
ANNING, Thomas Gibson Warranty and Marketing in a Manufacturing Context
BATSON, Jane Kathryn Study of Water Wetting and the Effect on CO2 Corrosion
BEARDMORE, Christopher Adam A Systems Engineering Approach to Spacecraft Platform/Payload Interfacing
BELLERT, Sondra Lesley Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of the Human Carotid Bifurcation
BLAKE, Benjamin David Output Only Modal Analysis using Frequency Domain Decomposition
BURLEY, Jamie Balfour Design and Implementation of a Database and Browser for Shock Tunnel Data
BURNS, Matthew Luke Finite Element Analysis of the FedSat Microsatellite for Launch Verification
CALLER, Andrew David Comparison of Thin Film Resistance Heat Transfer Gauges in Shock Tunnel Analysis
CAMPBELL, James Fleming Chassis Design and Manufacture for the Formula-SAE Competition
CAMPEY, Tom James Design and Analysis of a Six Degree of Freedom Nanomanipulator
CAPRA, Bianca Rose Configurational Effects of Burning Mild Steel in Low Pressure Oxygen and Normal Gravity
CHAN, Hwang Hock Aloysius Gravitational Effects on Solidification of Metals
CHEANG, Eau Yong Early Cost Estimation for Fabricated Product
CHER, Boon Kwang Real Time Control of a Robotic Snakeboard
CHEW, Heng Simon Maintenance Management System
CHTCHELOK, Polina Seismic Analysis of a Conservator Support of a Power Transformer
COOKE, Mark Richard Frequency Range of the Acoustic Impedance Tube
CRAWFORD, Trent Robert Life Cycle Closting of Coatings used on Industrial Plant
DANIEL, Yves The Effect of Trailing Edge Coolant Ejection on Secondary Flow in a Cascade of Turbine Blades
DEARING, Joshua Edwin Maintenance Performance Improvement
FRANCIS, Matthew Charles Investigation and Analysis of Chaotic Phenomena within the Human Body
GODDEN, Paul Cameron Base Pressure Measurements for a Turbine Blade with Span-Wise Trailing Edge Coolant Ejection
GOLLAN, Rowan John Implementation of Subsonic Boundary Conditions in Compressible Flow Codes
GOO, Kon Wai Field Support Management
GRANT, Matthew David Development of a Simulink Library for Electro-Hydraulic Components
HARTLEY, David Liam The Space Qualification of JAESAT: Attitude Determination and Control and Space Environment Modelling
HOLT, Stuart John Design and Construction of a High Speed Quantum Key Distribution Device
INNS, Timothy Barry Simulating Forced Induction of a Dual Fuel, Internal Combustion Engine
JOHNSON, Leslie Robert Corrosion Evaluation using a Pulse/Echo Longitudinal Wave Ultrasonic Technique
KHIEW, Sui Yuen Spare Parts Management
LANGENAUER, Jason Mechanical Qualification of the Joint Australian Engineering Satellite
LAU, Koon Hang Ken Acoustic Emission Measurement System for Erosion-Corrosion Rotation Experiment
LEE, Wendy Lee Kiang Early Life Cycle Cost Estimation for Manufactured Machine Products
LIM, Pang Kok Desmond Generate a Database for Preliminary Costing of Mechanical Systems
LIM, Soo Jin Adrian Modal Expansion Algorithms in Modal Analysis
LIM, Wee Yin Sabrina Web-based System for Controlling Project Documentation
LOVELAND, Toby Luke Room Acoustics
MANHIRE, Oliver Christian Suspension Geometry Design of the 2001 University of Queensland Formula SAE Racecar
MANN, Llewellyn Martin The Development of a Systems Engineering Process for Undergraduate Projects
MARIA, Peter John Suspension Component Design for Formula SAE
MARTIN, Kristin Jane A Feasibility Study of Geothermal Power Plants
MEEKE, James Steele Influence of Geometric Parameters on the Propagation Behaviour of Structural Waves in Isotropic Strips
MILLER, Kirk Reliability and Maintenance Studies for Incitec Fertilizers
MORRIS, Stephen James A Comparison of Finite Element Predicted and Experimentally Measured Stress Wave Propagation in Wind Tunnel Models
MURRAY, Allan Design Analysis of a Prototype Concrete Mixer
NEILL, Raymond John Design of a Laser System for the Measurement of the Total Surface Velocity Vector Components of Travelling Waves in Plates and Shells
PHILLIPS, Andrew Douglas Model and Sabot Development for Stability Testing via Flow Visualisation
RAMM, Jonathan Neale Creating and Characterising Fatigue Cracks in Drill Pipes
REID, Anthony Walton Canonical Variate Analysis for Output-only Identification of Mechanical Systems
RIDDERHOF, Matthew James Manufacturing: Analysis of Improvement Techniques
SALAMEH, Tarek Youssef Computational Fluid Dynamics Investigation of Erosion-Corrosion in a Heat Exchanger Header
SCOTT, Michael Paul Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Flow through a Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger with Inlet Modifiers
SHEEHY, Thomas Paul Joseph Mean Velocity and Turbulence Measurements in a Pulsed Jet using PIV
SILLER, Scott Michael C.A.D. Modelling of a Hydraulic Excavator
SIVADORAI, Muraliganesh Manufacturing and Characterisation of Interdigital Transducers used In Stuctural Wave Non-Destructive Evaluation Applications
SMITH, Hayden Brett The Design of a Model Armoured Face Conveyor
SMITH, Matthew Ross An Investigation into Script based Geometry Definition in Computational Fluid Mechanics
STANBURY, Gavin Stuart Boundary Layer Calculations for Compressible Flows
STARKOFF, Paul Edward Modelling and Suppression of Attitude Instabilities for a Spacecraft in Earth Orbit
TAN, Chuen Kiat Reliability Management for New Products
TAN, Kwang Hun Stanley Investigation of Temperature Profile in the Ash Fusion Test Cone
TAN, Teck Siong Reliability Databases
TEO, Thiam Hua Brandon Gravity Effects on Combustion and Flame Structure
TRUSS, Russell Paul Simulation of Base Flows with and without Ejection using FLUENT
TUNG, Sai Meng The Effect of Micro-Gravity on the Welding Process
VARELA, Carlos Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Erosion-Corrosion of Tube Inlets in Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers
VO, Son Van Calibration of a Small Reflected Shock Tunnel
WALDING, Samuel Mark The Two-Microphone Method for the Acoustic Impedance Tube
WENG, Lin Feng Engine Management System Set Up for Formula SAE Racing Car
WHEATLEY, Gareth Experimental Procedures for Investigating the Short-Term Effects of Microgravity upon the Bulk Mechanical Response of Muscle Tissue
WILSON, Paul Pradeep Validation of Markov Hypothesis for Conditional Moment Closure

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Winners of the IMechE Best Project Prize

Established in 2005 and maintained by an annual gift from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). Best Level 4 design project or thesis.

Year Family
Thesis Title
2005 Foster Robert Preliminary Design and CFD Analysis of a Solid Propellant Gas Generator
2006 Chan Yong Khang Wilson A Numerical Investigation of the Rupture of Pneumatic Lines in Aircraft Engines
2007 Wilson Thomas Constrained Optimal Control of an Electronic Throttle Body
2008 Taylor Jeremy Modeling the Sound Power Level Produced by Crowds of People
2009 Grainger Alex The use of diaphragms for hypersonic inlet starting
2010 Prize not awarded by the donor in this year
2011 Irvine Liam The Modelling and Enhancement of Air Cooled Condenser Performance at Millmerran Power
2012 Prize not awarded by the donor in this year

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Winners of the KBR Prize

The KBR prize was established in 1983 (as the Kinhill Prize) and was presented each year from 1983 to 2010. The prize was awarded to the best BE thesis in a mechanical engineering discipline.


Year Major/
Thesis Title
1983 N/A HATCHMAN John A The Simulation and Prediction of Damage to Packaged Apples during Transport Vols. 1 and 2
1984 N/A FINDLAY Graeme D Extension of Engine Operating Range by the Use of Idle Charge Energy Storage
1985 N/A EADY Douglas J Investigation of the Effects of Bucket Shape on Loader Productivity
1986 N/A WILSON Andrew B R A Model to simulate Transport Conditions and to Predict Damage to Produce during Transport Vols. 1 and 2
1987 N/A WALKER Lloyd T The Design, Development and Clinical Evaluation of a Gait Analysis and Instruction Tool (Gait)
1988 N/A LUMLEY Robert V A Robotic Gripper with Pressure Feedback
1989 N/A ADAMSON Scott McFarlane Heat Pipes for Waste Heat Recovery
1990 N/A JOHNSTON Scott A The Design, Development and Evaluation of an Anaesthesia Grip Force Monitoring Device
Major ELVERY David G Computer Simulation of Turbulent Flow in Impringing Jets
Minor STAUNTON- SMITH Andrew G Automated Tolerancing of CAD Drawings
1992 Major SOLOMON Fiona L An Analysis of Engineering Practice
Minor YORK Timothy R The Design of a Cost Effective Regenerative Braking System
1993 Major CHAPMAN Gregory L Dynamic Instabilities in a Torsional System Incorporating a Hookes Joint
Minor KELLY Shaun E A Comparison of Conveyor Design Methods
1994 Major JOHNSTON Ian A A Thermodynamic Model of the Martian Atmosphere for Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis
Minor VOSS Daniel R In Service Pipeline Repair: Design of a Welder Qualification Test Rig
1995 Major MURPHY James M Design of a Hard Disk Drive Technology
Minor CUTLER Brendan S The Design and Optimisation of a Potato Pulveriser
1996 Major LESLIE Andrew C Wheel Slip Behaviour of Rolling Stock Drive Systems
Minor FAY James B Design and Numerical Modelling of Propellers for Light Aircraft
1997 Major TAN Kwong L Comparison of Project Evaluation Techniques
Minor THOMSON Scott M Sample Capture Device for Asteroid Lander
1998 Major BIENKOWSKI Jeremy A Hydrodynamic Characterisation of a High Turbulence Rotating Cylinder Electrode
Minor HOCKADAY Ben Reaction Rate Effects in Nozzle Flow Calculations for High Enthalpy Wind Tunnels
1999 Major SIMPSON Andrew Development of Power Control Strategies for Hybrid Vehicle Drivetrains
Minor JESSETT Andrew DC Motor Servo Control
2000 Major TRUONG Nicholas K Thrust Nozzle Efficiency in Scramjet Engines
Minor KOLB Gregory Finite Element Analysis of a Thermostatic Element for Temperature Control in Domestic Water Supplies
2001 N/A DANIEL Yves The Effect of Trailing Edge Coolant Ejection on Secondary Flow in a Cascade of Turbine Blades
2002 N/A DENMAN Andrew A Numerical Investigation of Radius Ratio Effects on Taylor-Couette Flow
2003 N/A TANG Joseph Chee Shon Numerical Study of a Re-Entry Capsule
2004 N/A VENN Christopher Preventative Solution for the Cracking of the Caribou Horizontal Stabilizer Outriggers
2005 N/A FFROST Timothy Design of a Low Pressure Condensing Turbine for Energy Recovery in Sugar Mills
2006 N/A MACINTOSH Alexander Design of an Impingement Abrasion Test Rig
2007 N/A FARRANT Adrian Critical Review of In-Situ Leach Uranium Mining Practices
2008 N/A ZAIDIN Nur Aiza Retro-reflection study
2009 N/A VARGHESE John Development of Melnikov Criteria for Chaos in a Fluttering Airfoil with Structural Nonlinearities
2010 N/A STREET Andrew Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines as a Residential- Scale Decentralised Energy Supply for South
East Queensland

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