School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

Composites Research

Research in fibre-reinforced composites is conducted in three major areas:

  • Materials processing and manufacturing
  • Testing and characterisation
  • Modelling and simulation

Associated Research Centres and Groups

UQ Composites
Centre for Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing (AMPAM)

Key Researchers

Michael Heitzmann
Martin Veidt
Rowan Truss
Juan Torres

Contact Details

Please direct any enquiries to any of the listed researchers

Current Research

Materials processing and manufacturing
The research focuses on innovative manufacturing and processes for composites, biocomposites and hybrid structures. Research activities include biocomposite compounding, extrusion of short-fibre composites, reactive processing of thermoplastic composites, metal composites hybrid laminates and thermoset composite bonding.

Testing and characterisation
Extensive experience exists in mechanical testing and non-destructive evaluation of composite materials. Advanced measurement techniques including 3D Digital Image Collelation and Laser Vibrometry support research projects in high resolution surface and interface characterisation, structural health management and non-linear vibro ultrasonics.

Modelling and simulation
Modelling and simulation of composite materials is being used extensively for applications ranging from failure mechanism predictions to sensor placement optimisation. Finite Element Analysis tools have been developed for non-linear analysis and complex material models. Probabilistic design is being used for characterisation of biocomposite materials.