School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT&E) and Structural Health Management (SHM) are essential for cost effective manufacturing and operation of high-value, safety critical materials and structures.

Within the broad context of these research fields a number of fundamental and applied topics are investigated:

  • Detection and characterisation of damage using guided wave ultrasonics
  • Application of non-linear ultrasonic techniques for damage detection including weak bonds
  • Improving the durability and sensitivity of piezceramic transducer based structural health monitoring systems

Associated Research Centres and Groups

UQ Composites
Centre for Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing (AMPAM)

Key Researchers

Martin Veidt
Alessandro Carcione

Contact Details

Please direct all enquiries to Martin Veidt (

Current Research

Ultrasonic NDT&E and SHM system developments and applications

UQ Ultrasonics has the infrastructure to perform phased array, pulse-echo and through-transmission ultrasonic testing for damage detection, thickness gauging and material characterisation. In addition, equipment is available to perform advanced damage identification for in-situ Structural Health Monitoring including an automated laser Doppler vibrometer measurement system. There are continuous developments and applications of these methods to address fundamental research questions as well as practical engineering problems.

UQ Ultrasonics has made seminal contributions in the areas of guided wave ultrasonics for damage detection, characterisation and visualisation in beams, plates and composite laminates; design of integrated piezoceramic transducers and transducer networks to improve reliability and robustness of SHM systems; and the application of non-linear ultrasonics to detect laminar and bondline damage including weak bonds.