School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) is a four-year program that will prepare you for a career as an engineer. Depending on your choice of major, you might work anywhere from infrastructure and hospitals to energy and software.

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The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) fields of study offered through the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering are -

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers are concerned with machinery, power and manufacturing methods for all branches of industry. For example, they design turbines, food processors, artificial hearts, engines for aircraft and machines to produce energy and convert it to other forms.

Example study plan for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

In addition to general mechanical engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineers work on the design and manufacture of aircraft, launch vehicles, satellites and spacecraft and provide ground support functions as well.

Example study plan for Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Mechanical and Materials engineering is concerned with the selection, processing and development of materials to design and manufacture products and equipment.

Example study plan for Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics engineering integrates mechanical with electronics and computer systems to design products such as robots.

Example study plan for Mechatronics Engineering

Mining Engineering

Mining engineering is concerned with the extraction of valuable ores from the ground for processing and utilisation and covers all phases of mining operations, from exploration and discovery through to land restoration and rehabilitation.

Example study plan for Mining Engineering

Mining & Geotechnical Engineering

Mining and geotechnical engineering incorporates soil mechanics, rock mechanics and engineering geology in mining engineering.

Example study plan for Mining & Geotechnical Engineering