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The “UQ-KU project” is focussed on strengthening academic research and educational cooperation between UQ and Kyushu University and promoting Australia-Japan international research and education collaborations. 

About the UQ-KU Project

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To increase the practical collaboration activities between the University of Queensland (UQ) and Kyushu University (KU), we have established the “UQ-KU Project”. The main target of this project is to facilitate collaborative activities through the coordinators based at UQ and KU. The appointed coordinators are Prof. Syo Matsumura of the Graduate school of Engineering at KU and Assoc. Prof. Kazuhiro Nogita of the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering at UQ, who is an alumnus of KU.

The project will provide an avenue for: (1) academic exchange (undergraduate and graduate student exchange, researcher  exchange, joint research publications and presentations); (2) education opportunities (lectures, education projects, and industry-university collaborations); (3) support services (communications and public affairs, exchange student assistance). 

UQ-KU Relationship

Despite the existing MOU between Kyushu University and UQ over the past 21 years (since 1993) there has been a relatively modest level of interaction between the two universities.  Primarily through the interactions of the NS CMEM ( at school of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, UQ this situation has begun to change over the past few years.  This has included a visit from A/Prof. Nogita to Kyushu University in 2011 as a JSPS Fellow and his participation as an invited professor in the delivery of an annual lecture series on “Energy Materials” since 2012. Mr Jonathan Read has also delivered an annual lecture on “Engineering Ethics” since 2012. A UQ PhD student spent 3 months at Kyushu University between November 2013-February 2014 as an occupational trainee.  In addition, UQ has also hosted visitors from Kyushu University including a Kyushu University Masters student who spent 6 months at NS CMEM, UQ between April to September 2013 as an occupational trainee.  

About Kyushu University

Kyushu University (locally known as Kyudai) has dates back to 1903 when it was named Fukuoka Medical College. Shortly afterwards in 1911, Kyushu University was established as the fourth Imperial University after the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and Tohoku University. Currently Kyushu University is one of Japan's top 8 research-intensive universities and is able to attract students with an excellent academic record from across Japan and overseas. The university includes approximately 12,000 undergraduates, and 1,700 postgraduates, as well as some 2,200 faculty members and 4,000 staff. In 2011 Kyushu University celebrated its centenary and in those 100 years KU produced 130,000 undergraduate students and 70,000 graduate students.


Upcoming events
Date Event
17th September to 22nd September 2018 Young Academics Program for Kyushu University, 10 KU T&R academics at ICTE-UQ
7th September 2018 MAJIT Interpreting Forum, New Colombo Program “Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing in Japan - Creating Opportunities for Australia's Future Mechanical and Mining Engineers”,
Speaker: Prof Kazuhiro Nogita
20th August to 29th September 2018 Q2PEC2018, 20 KU Engineering students at ICTE-UQ
1st July to 16th July 2018 New Colombo Plan Mobility Project, 20 UQ Engineering students at Kyushu University

Past events 

Date Event
20th August to 30th September 2017 Q2PEC2017, 20 KU Engineering students at ICTE-UQ
2nd July to 16th July 2017 New Colombo Plan Mobility Project, 15 UQ Engineering students at Kyushu University
28th August to 2nd October 2016 Q²PEC2016, 20 KU Engineering students at ICTE-UQ
2nd September 2016 "MAJIT Interpreting Forum, UQ-KU project: Speaker: A/Prof Kazuhiro Nogita
25th November 2015 Kyushu University President visits the University of Queensland’s International Delegation.
24th November 2015 Japan-Australia University Symposium 2015 at the University of Sydney, hosted by Kyushu University.
23rd August– 26th September 2015 Q²PEC2015, where 18 KU Engineering students visited the Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education(ICTE) at the University of Queensland.
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Japanese partnership set to benefit research outcomes

Our People


Associate Professor Kazuhiro Nogita

Dr Nogita is the manager of the “UQ-KU Project”. He has a background in the development and characterisation of structural and functional materials and his current research focuses on two major areas; namely lead-free solders for electronic applications and metal based hydrogen-storage alloys. Dr Nogita holds several international patents and has authored more than 150 refereed scientific papers. His research has been acknowledged with several awards/fellowships, including a Queensland Government Smart Futures Fellowship. He has acted as an invited Professor at Kyushu University in the delivery of an annual lecture series on “Energy Materials ” since 2012.

Mr Jonathan Read

Mr Read is the administrator of “UQ-KU Project”. Mr Read has delivered an annual lecture on “Engineering Ethics” at Kyushu University since 2012.

2017 UQ-KU Oceania Project Staff

English - Japanese translation staff (MAJIT - UQ)

Engineering students support staff (EAIT - UQ)




UQ Links:

UQ Abroad - Student Exchange Program - Kyushu University
ICTE-UQ (Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education)
NS CMEM (The Nihon Superior Centre for the Manufacture of Electronic Materials)
School of Languages and Cultures
UQ International - New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program

External Links:

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Embassy of Japan in Australia
Consulate-General of Japan, Brisbane
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